Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 2


Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 2Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Cookies Never Tasted So Good – Chapter 2Dawn looked at Willow and Buffy there, naked on the kitchen table, and she smiled. Buffy could see now that this didn’t bother her little s*ster in the least.Willow noticed this too, “Umm, well… come on in Dawnie,” she said hesitantly. “I’m sure you want an explanation for all this, umm… Well, you see.””No need,” said Dawn, cutting her off. “I saw what you guys were doing, and…” Dawn stopped now in mid-sentence as she noticed both girls staring at her naked pussy.Willow and Buffy looked at each other and grinned. “I think you kind of enjoyed what you saw,” said Willow, seductively smiling at Dawn now.Dawn walked in and stood by the table. She turned around and walked around the room. She noticed that the counter was a mess. The sink was full of bowls and cooking utensils. There was flour all over the floor.”Umm, we were just making cookies here, and kind of got off track,” said Buffy, as she stared at her little s*ster’s long tan legs, admiring how her round, firm ass moved as she walked.”I see that,” said Dawn, turning around, and giving her a sexy little smile. “Is there anything left for me here?” she said. Looking Buffy straight in the eyes.Buffy stared back. Dawn walked around the table and stood right in front of her s*ster now.”Well, Dawnie,” said Willow. “We were just starting the cookies when… Well, you know, but we’ll have plenty for you as soon as their done.””I didn’t mean cookies,” said Dawn as she pulled off her tight white t-shirt.Buffy stood there staring at her s*ster’s soft, round, firm breasts. Her pink nipples were pointed, and hard. Dawn kept staring at her.Buffy felt hot.Willow let out a little gasp. Dawn turned around and smiled at her now. “I’m starved, I’ll take some cookies and then something else,” she said, as she slowly walked over and opened the oven door. The smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies wafted from inside.Buffy and Willow looked at each other now trying to figure out this grown up, sexy Dawn. “Does she mean this?” whispered Willow to her friend.”I think she does,” said Buffy smiling at her now.The timer rang, and Dawn reached into the oven and pulled out a tray of cookies. “They’re hot,” exclaimed Buffy.”I can’t wait,” said Dawn, as she sat the cookie sheet down on the stove. She slowly took a hot cookie off the sheet. “Ouch, that’s hot!” she said dropping it immediately. “Told you so,” said Buffy walking over and taking her s*ster’s hand.”Is it burned?””It’s fine,” said Dawn. “I better wait a minute I guess,” she turned around and noticed the big bowl of cookie dough ready for more cookies. “Umm, this is even better,” she said, as she reached in and took a big spoonful of cookie canlı bahis dough. She looked Buffy straight in the eyes now and slowly put the entire spoonful in her mouth. “Ummm,” she exclaimed, as she licked her lips.Buffy stared back, feeling even more turned on by her little s*ster now. Dawn took another spoonful of cookie dough and offered it to Buffy. “Here, take this,” she said softly, as she put it slowly into her mouth.Willow walked over now and took a spoonful too. “This is good, isn’t it?” she exclaimed, devouring it quickly.”Umm, I always loved cookie dough,” said Dawn, as she took a big glob on her finger and reached out and spread it all over Willow’s breasts.Willow looked at Dawn. She took a hunk of dough and slapped it all over Dawn’s breasts and stomach. “I think I like it best here,” she said playfully.Buffy, watched all this, and couldn’t stand it anymore. She walked over and took a big, giant wad of dough, and spread it all over Dawn’s round, firm ass. She then took another wad and spread it all over Willow’s ass.”Now that’s the best place of all to eat cookies,” she said smiling at both girls.Dawn reached in and spread dough on Buffy’s ass.Buffy spread dough all over Dawn’s face.Willow walked over and began to spread dough on both girls and then slowly began to lick it off.Both girls soon joined in the fun.Soon all three where licking, and spreading the entire bowl of cookie dough all over each other.Buffy then, without warning, gave her s*ster a passionate kiss.Dawn responded with an even deeper kiss.Buffy pushed her s*ster against the kitchen counter and spread her legs wide. She began to lick all the cookie dough off her body. She licked and sucked her hard nipples. She moved her hands all over Dawn’s soft breasts as she licked them clean.Dawn arched her back and looked up at the ceiling and let out long low moans. “Ummmmm… so good,” she sighed. “Lick it all off…”Buffy licked down over Dawn’s firm little tummy and around her pussy.Dawn began to shudder, knowing what was coming next.Buffy reached over and found the last bit of cookie dough and spread it all over Dawns pussy lips, and up and down her slit.”Umm,” Dawn shuddered.Buffy got down on her knees, and moved into her s*ster’s pussy. Dawn reached down and held onto Buffy’s head. She wanted her s*ster to fuck her right there and right then.Buffy began to lick the cookie dough off Dawn’s pussy lips, umm it tasted sweet and soft and warm. So good mixed with the warm, wet juices dripping out of her s*ster’s hot, young pussy.”Umm,” Buffy was loving this. She felt so hot and so turned on by the taste and feel of her s*ster’s pussy on her lips, and tongue.She continued to lap up the cookie dough, and the hot juices, swallowing every bite now.Dawn was moaning and bahis siteleri shaking as Buffy slid a finger up her young, eager pussy. She moaned louder, as Buffy fucked her deep, pushing her finger way up inside her. Dawn screamed. Buffy began to fuck her hard, and deep, and fast. Popping her cherry in the process.”Oh Buffy. Oh, fuck me, Buffy,” she screamed. Buffy took her finger out and began to slide her eager tongue up inside her s*ster’s pussy. She fucked her hard, and fast; eagerly lapping at her juices, and the remaining taste of cookie dough.Willow was watching all this, and fucking her own pussy with three fingers as she saw Buffy and Dawn go at it. She was soaking wet.She saw Buffy on the floor in front of Dawn, and stared at her round little ass there all covered in dough. She walked over and got down behind her. She began to lick it all off Buffy’s ass.Buffy fucked Dawn fast and hard with her tongue and fingers.Dawn was shaking and screaming. Buffy had to hold onto her hips tight, she was moving them so fast and hard.Buffy was so excited that she felt like she would cum any minute. Her s*ster was so hot, and so young and so sexy. And oh, God, she tasted so good.She could feel Willow’s tongue licking her ass now, and she pushed it up towards Willows face, eagerly waiting for what she knew Willow would do to her next.Willow licked all over her friend’s ass slowly and eagerly. Umm this tasted so good and Buffy’s skin felt so soft and warm on her tongue and lips. She licked off all the cookie dough and moved her tongue slowly around Buffy’s ass hole. Buffy shuddered.Buffy continued to fuck Dawn as she screamed in delight.Willow was now lying down with her head under Buffy, licking up all over her slit, and sucking on her hot, swollen clit.Buffy was thrusting her body down on top of Willow, as she felt her slide her hot tongue up inside her dripping wet pussy.Buffy shook, and slammed her body down, as Willow fucked her pussy harder.Willow fucked her faster with her tongue; thrusting it in deep. She moved it around, lapping up the sweet, hot, juices that kept spilling down all over her face.Dawn screamed and let go, slamming her pussy at her s*ster hard and long.Buffy then started to cum as Willow fucked her deep, and fast. She finally couldn’t hold on anymore and let her body take control. She couldn’t stop. Her body let her cum over and over this time.Willow was dripping wet. Her face and body were covered in Buffy’s pussy juices and cookie dough. She lay back on the floor, and closed her eyes. She was so excited now.Dawn reached down and pulled her s*ster up to her.They kissed, a long, slow, deep, passionate kiss.Both girls smiled as Dawn licked her own pussy juices off Buffy’s lips.They turned around, and saw Willow there güvenilir bahis lying on the floor.”Umm,” said Dawn, “what shall we do to her?”Willow looked up and saw both girls coming over to her.”We can’t let you stay here all covered in cookie dough can we?” said Buffy, grinning.”No way,” said Dawn, “I’m still hungry.”The girls slowly bent down and pulled Willow up off the floor. They led her over and helped her up onto the kitchen table.”Umm I think I want cookie dough and Willow’s pussy for dinner,” said Dawn as she gave Willow the wickedest little smile.”Good idea,” said Buffy eagerly, as she bent down and licked some dough off Willow’s breasts.Willow lay back and began to shudder, as both girls took turns licking each breast clean; while they made sure to squeeze and pull her rock hard nipples.Buffy moved down to the end of the table and pulled Willow’s legs up, knees in the air. She then spread them wide, and began to lick her friend’s creamy thighs up and down slowly.Willow was shaking more than ever.Dawn bent down and kissed her softly, and began to lick the dough all off her stomach, and around her hot pussy.Buffy took Dawn’s hand, and pulled her over beside her. They both stood above Willow’s dripping wet pussy now.”Want to take turns fucking her?” Buffy asked her s*ster.”Umm… Yes, totally,” said Dawn eagerly, as she bent down and licked up to Willow’s slit. “Oh she tastes so sweet,” said Dawn after she had lapped up some of her juices.Willow let out a long, low moan.Buffy took hold of her hips and dived into her eager pussy. She fucked her friend deep and fast, enjoying the taste of her warm sweet juices.Dawn then pulled Buffy up, and took her turn lapping and fucking Willow’s soaking wet pussy.Willow was thrusting her hips up and down faster and faster.The girls took turns back and forth until Willow finally let go and screamed the biggest orgasm she ever had up until that moment, before she collapsed back on the big kitchen table exhausted but happy.Buffy pulled her up and hugged her. Dawn reached over and gave her a soft wet kiss.”Ok, now do you think we can eat those cookies?” asked Dawn to both girls.”Yep, let’s go for it,” Willow said eagerly.Dawn walked over and took the entire tray of chocolate chip cookies, and brought it over to the table. The girls sat there feeding each other cookies, and smiling and laughing.Just then, the kitchen door opened, and in walked Kennedy.In her hands was a big plate of cookies.”Hey guys,” she said. “Someone brought these to me, and I thought you might want some.”She stopped, and looked around.The kitchen was covered in cookie dough and flour. Dawn, and Buffy, and Willow were sitting on the big kitchen table naked eating cookies.They smiled up at her as she stood there staring.”No thanks,” they said in unison.”We already ate.””But there is always room for more.”They all got up and walked over to Kennedy, and each gave her a big deep kiss. Willow giving her the biggest one of all.




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