Ghost cum


Ghost cumSo lately i have been going through a rough patch in my life…just recently ive moved into my grandparents house…out here in the middle of the woods on an old plantation…its very creepy…growing up i swore this place was haunted…ive seen a ghostly girl when i was younger but it could of just been my imagination….ive been here for a week now…havent gotten a chance to jerk off so my ball are achingly full of cum…today while outside working on the grounds i swore i saw some girl in my bedroom window…beautiful in here early twenties i think…i shook my head in disbelief and she dissapeared…maybe to much sun for the i go inside grab a quick drink and head up stairs into the bathroom for a shower…i get undressed and hop on in as im washing i swear i heard the door open i stop and look and see no one…i start to get this canlı bahis feeling like someone is watching me so i finish up and get out…well the evening was pretty much uneventful….around 10 i head up stairs for bed…as im getting undressed i hear a slight giggle and it startles me and i jump…i look around out the window everything and cannot figure out what it was…so i get into bed im so exhausted and sore im laying there reading a sports magazine i got earlier in the day from town…as i flip through the pages i finally come to this jot brunette in a swimsuit with a great ass…before i get a chance i feel a hand on my leg and hear a whisper…”is this what you want” nervoisly i answer “yes?” I feel a hand slowly into my boxer and begin to rub my full sack getting my cock nice and hard…i moan “god yes” as the hand slides up my cock and begin bahis siteleri to slowly rub my head and down my shaft and up again…i feel it stop and then my boxers start to slide down and then it begins again i feel a hand rubbing my balls and the another grasp my big hard cock and starts jerking it nice and good i throw the shits off im so big and hard throbing…i hear another whisper…”i have a surprise for you” as im getting dick tugged on i feel kisses on my stomach and as she slides her hand up my shaft to my head i feel a tongue start to twirl on my balls and a mouth come over them and begins to suck as shes rubbing my cock i can hear a sucking noise and look down and see my balls slowly get wet..i feel her tongue slide up my cock and her hand caresing my sack as she slides my big hard cock in her mouth…i feel her tongue twirling against güvenilir bahis my head as shes rubbing my sack…slowly she begins to put more of my cock in her mouth i can feel her lips slowly go down my shaft and then she hit rock bottom and takes my balls in her mouth too…oh god my cock is dripping wet…throbbing so fucking hard…im hearing this unbelievable suction noise as she has my entire cock deep in her throat…Fuck! I scream im going to cum and she sucks faster and faster….i look down and my cock is throbbing dripping wet…i start to cum so hard my dick twitching shooting cum all over me she continues to suck on my head and squeeze my balls as im almost empty…she finally takes my cock out of her mouth and i hear her whisper…” tomorrow night we fuck” i hear her giggle and i feel her get off the bed and she appears in the shadow and shows off her ass to me as she dissapears into the wall….So letme all know what you think…i know its a little sloppy i enjoy writing and add me ill be writing a few more different things…send me suggestions too if you will




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