Living in Cockington part 6


Living in Cockington part 6I had finished putting up the shelves and began to wonder where the wife was and the k**s?Stepping into the kitchen I found a note “k**s at friends, I’ve gone out with Bridget back soon” I knew that couldn’t be good Bridget seem to be a magnet for sex with strangers and where ever they were it was bound to get my wife involved.So I strolled out into the garden and stood thinking about where they might have gone, after all the village was small so couldn’t be far and I was right, because I suddenly heard voices coming from next door.Wandering over to the fence I peered over and there was the grey haired old Mr Nutting naked again sitting on his deck chair and kneeling either side of him was Bridget and my wife and both them were completely naked and busy gobbling and licking his old balls and cock.”Oh that’s good ladies” he groaned as he sat enjoying two women sucking him.I watched them licking his fairly impressive hard cock from balls to tip and then sucking his entire cock taking it in turns to deep throat his entire length.”Oh god you keep doing that and i’m going to cum” he groaned.My cock was hard in seconds watching my wife and Bridget suck this guy so eagerly and as know one was around I took it out and started rubbing one off.After a few more minutes Mr Nutting gestured to my wife and she got up and straddled his lap, I couldn’t believe it she was going to let another guy fuck her, at first I was in horror but having already seen her being fucked by the Assbreaker family and as I had just fucked the woman down at the DIY shop I really couldn’t object, so I just watched as she slowly lowered canlı bahis her self onto his cock.It was then I suddenly realised he wasn’t aiming for her sweet shaven pussy and was slowly entering her asshole.”Oh yeah!” sighed my wife as his old cock slid into her back passage, then slowly she started to grind down on his cock taking more of into her.As I watched her take his length in her ass Bridget crawled between their legs and then started licking her pussy.Very quickly my wife was moaning and cursing as Mr Nutting fucked ass and Bridget licked her pussy, and as I continued to tug at my cock Veronica began tugging on her big pink nipples.I watched my pale brunette chubby wife taking the neighbours cock deeper and deeper into her ass and Bridget was busy thrusting a couple of fingers into her pussy as she continued to lick her clit and it wasn’t long before my wife was screaming and cursing louder and louder.”Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh you fuckers!” she cried”Yeah you want it, you want it” groaned Mr Nutting thrusting his cock up harder and faster.”I’m going to cum” cried my wife and suddenly she bucked on Mr Nuttings cock and her pussy started squirting her juices all over Bridgets face.”Fuck!” cried my wife as her orgasm swept over her, then she calmed down.Mr Nutting then whispered something in her ear and I watched her slid off his cock and get down on all fours, then he knelt behind her and slid his cock back into her nice round white ass, while Bridget crawled under to lick her cunt again.Now bridgets pussy was open in front of my wife’s face and as Mr Nutting started fucking her ass again I watched my wife start to eat pussy, bahis siteleri it was amazing I had never seen my wife lick another woman before, I didn’t even know if she would, but now she was and as she slurped away at bridgets cunt, Bridget licked hers and both women were moaning loudly and all the while Mr Nutting was fucking my wifes ass still.I was tugging furiously at my cock and wasn’t sure how much longer I would last and I was only watching, but Mr Nutting seem to be giving it all he could and I could hear his old hairy balls slapping at my wifes pussy as Bridget continued to lick away at it.”Yeah that’s it deeper, deeper!” groaned my wife as Mr Nutting thrust into her.”Deeper!”Mr Nutting was banging away at my wifes ass as hard as he could making her cry out with every thrust and with Bridget licking her pussy as well she was soon getting nearer to her next orgasm.”Fucking yeah, fucking yeah!” cried my wife.I had never seen my wife being so a****l like and was almost ready to blow my load as well.”I’m going to cum” groaned Mr Nutting suddenly.”Yeah do it, do it!” cried my wife.He slammed his cock into her ass several more times and then suddenly he buried it deeper into her and with a big groan he began pumping his load into her asshole.”Yes! yes!” cried my wife starting to buck on his cock as continued filling her ass with cum and then her pussy started gushing again and Bridget once again got a wet dripping face.”Oh FUCK!” cried my wife as another orgasm hit and I knew I wasn’t far behind her.It was then my blonde haired teen daughter Milly appeared in the garden.”Hey dad” she called out I turned in horror güvenilir bahis to see her in her tight little T-shirt and Jean shorts and as I did she bent over to pick something up off the ground and then all I could see was her little round apple ass in her tight jean shorts and those long tanned skinny legs and suddenly I started to shoot my load right into the bushes that i was stood behind.”Oh god” I groaned not able to stop myself as I stared at her little teen ass.”You alright daddy!?” she asked seeing my cum face.”Fine!” I gasped as I drained my balls still clenching my cock.”Just got a bit tangled in this bush” I groanedFinally Milly stood up and walked into the house giving me a strange look and I quickly turned to look over the fence again.Mr Nutting had just pulled out of my wifes ass and now Bridget was busy licking out the dripping cum and after a few minutes they all got up kissed and thanked each other and disappeared inside the little cottage.I then quickly put my dripping cock away and then headed into the house, MIlly was up in her room and so I went to bathroom to wash up and shortly after my wife reappeared.”Where have you been?” I asked casually.”You know where” she smiled naughtily.”You were watching””You saw me?” I said in surprise”Couldn’t really not, you weren’t exactly hiding” she replied.”Did you have to let Mr Nutting fuck your ass?” I asked.”I was just being neighbourly” Veronica replied”And he’s invited us to a party next week””Oh good I get to watch my wife get ass fucked again” I said.”Maybe if your lucky” she grinned before rubbing my cock through my trousers.”After all I didn’t hear you objecting” she replied before giving me a kiss.It was a strange day I had fucked a complete stranger, watched my neighbour cum in my wife’s ass, and blew my load staring at my teen daughter ass what on earth could happen next?.




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