Midlife experience


Midlife experienceI was trying to remember when I first got the urge to see another man penis. I mean, i am a straight guy. I’ve had many woman since an early age. Patty, my first girlfriend use to come over to my parents home during 8th grade school lunch period. No one was home. We would quickly go into the living room and start playing with each other. Petting and kissing, trying to undo her bra. My she had the biggest tits an eight grader could have !! I would the slip my hand down to her white panties and insert my fingers into her moist wet pink hole. I would get so hard that I would nearly blew my load. She would sit on my cock and bounce till I shot my load. Returning to class, I could not help but to smell my fingers for the reset of the day. Smelling my Patty’s pussy scent. Oh, so sweet, so much that I would have a boner for the rest of the day. I would have to ask the teacher for a bathroom pass so that I could jerk off again. !!!Then there was many other girls too who would have the pleasure of sucking my cock, and swallowing my hot load of cum.By the time I was in my early thirties, I began to become curious about another man’s penis. Once while on vacation, I went into a steam room, I saw a young man with a towel hanging around his waist. He looked as if he had a hard-on. As he got up I watched him go into a shower stall. I could see him through the slots of the shower door rubbing canlı bahis one out. Oh how I wished I had the courage to go after him, get on my knees and suck him hard.. But wait,?? Am I straight ? what was this strange urge ? I was flushed with an excitement of some kinky feeling I have never felt before.. I would not ever let that moment of erotics out of my mind.One snowy night, as I was walking home, I came across an elderly black man, dressed well, but had a bit too much to drink. I assisted him to his home. i was only thing about helping this gentlemen to safety. He was much appreciated but asked to further assist him to remove some of his clothing. In doing so, he asked for one more favor and help him into the bathroom. As I helped him drop his draws, I gasp at the size of his black penis, !! I never seen a mans penis that large!.Having to help him on the toilet, I tucked his penis into the toilet bowl. Again I though about an opportunity to have a penis in my mouth. I got so nerviness that I left his apartment. I knew he was safe. So I jerk off my cock once again imaging a moment of forbidden pleasure..While going through a local adult newspaper, I saw an add for Transsexual encounter. I was a bit high from smoking some weed, So I rang the phone number that was list. We spoke and agreed to meet. Luckily, I didn’t have to travel too far. As i waited on the corner, here come a bahis siteleri cute girl with short hair and a small body. We greeted each other and proceeded to my apartment. We wasted no time undressing as my urge was through the roof. I knew I would finally get my chance. After all this time, in the privates of my own home, all relaxed on my bed, we hug, and kissed !. Wow, man I really doing this I said to myself. Their it was, a slender pink boy cock, all for me to do what I want with it. I immediately went down on his smooth long cock and started to swallow it. I was a bit award as my teeth would sc**** him as I went back and forth enjoying the flesh in my mouth. My mind was exploding with unexplained thoughts!.After we both enjoyed our self with mutual cock sucking, I dropped her back off never to see her again. I knew that if I was to suck another mans cock, I would have to perfect the art of sucking. On day,I went into an adult toy store and purchased a 8″ dildo, you know the one that feels real. Going back home ,watching some porn I studied how the pornstars would handle a cock in their mouth, I watched and learned like a eager student. I practiced and practiced, Slowly taking the toy into my mouth. Little by Little it slid down my mouth and into my throat. Careful not to brush my teeth against my boy-toy. After awhile I got so good at it that I would deep throat it without gagging. güvenilir bahis I purchased another dildo toy, but this time. Soon I master that one. After awhile I had a collection of dildos,all sizes and shape. I would stick them to the wall, get down on my knees and start sucking on them,several cocks at a time, imaging getting gang bang by all of them. I was getting cock crazy. I would think of the boy jerking off in the shower, or the black cock on that older man. On the next visit the the toy story, I realized that they had a “Mens Only Section”. Would I dare. As I walked into on of the video booths I locked the door and inserted my coins. I chose some gay movies and immediately pull down my pants and took out my hard throbbing cock. I heard a tapping on the wall next to me and saw a hole and two fingers poking through it. I relized what waas going on and placed my cock into the hole. My mind went nuts as this person sucking on my cock so hard and good, like I never felt before. i got lost, I don;t remember where I was. As I withdrew my cock, he inserted his. He had the fattest cock head I’ve ever seen. I went down on my knees and started to return the favor. I hardly could fit this large knob in my mouth. I started jerking him off and placing him down my throat as I was determine to swallow him. I know I was doing a good job as he started to moan an soon shot his load down into my stomach. I composed myself and quickly left the booth hoping no one knew what I had done.So I ask myself , am I straight guy who enjoys a little kinkiness in his life, suck a few cocks here and there. Or a bit gay ??more to come.




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