Tarzan & Jane Kissogram


Tarzan & Jane KissogramI got a phone call from my agency asking me if i wanted a kissogram job this coming Friday night, it was to be a double job with a guy and we were supposed to be Tarzan & Jane. I rang my boyfriend who told be to go for it so I rang them back to say I would do it.I was working till 9 on Friday and we were booked at a local working men’s club for 9.30 so they arranged for the guy that was to be Tarzan to pick me up from work and bring my costume.Friday came and I left work and was collected by a really hunky guy in a nice car, , he told me he was Mark and that he was a model, he explained that we had been booked for an engagement party and he was supposed to carry me in and we would surprise the couple, give them a bottle of bubbly and that would be it, he also handed me a bag with my costume in it.I had a look in the bag and all it contained was a leopard print leotard and some leopard print trunks for him and a tube of camouflage make up.We pulled up at the club and were met with a couple of guys that had booked us, they said we had twenty minutes to get ready as they were presenting them with a cake. They gave us the money and they bought me a large vodka which was just what I needed.We were given a dressing room and they canlı bahis said they would be back for us shortly, we went in the dressing room and it was apparent that they thought we were a couple as there was no privacy , just a room with a table and chair and a mirror.Mark went to find the guys that had booked us to get another room and i gulped at my drink and got the leotard out, it was a cheap thin stretchy thing and i was having doubts that it would cover me.Mark returned and said we had no where else to go, and we were running out of time and said he would try not to look with a grin on his face. I just laughed and said alright and we both started undressing, I was really getting quite horny, the vodka had worked and the thought of changing in front of a guy I had just met was turning me on.We both started stripping off and he had a great body, he must work out a lot i thought as i slipped my clothes off.We were both glancing over at each other and i had a good look at his cock as he pulled his trunks on and I knew he was staring at me as i tried to pull the leotard on.The leotard was quite a good fit and I thought I looked good in it, he said i looked amazing and started rubbing the make up on his chest. I looked at myself in the mirror and my nipples bahis siteleri were poking right out and the back hardly covered my ass.I could see Mark was struggling with the make up so I helped to rub it on him, doing his shoulders , arms and chest, then his tummy and legs. The only problem was he was starting to get a hard on so I asked him to do me the same. He started rubbing the make up in to me and i was loving it as he put it on me, he now had a complete hard on and his cock was popping out of his trunks, I could not resist and rubbed my fingers over his cock as he started playing with my tits through my leotard.Suddenly the door opened and one of the guys that had booked us was standing there, we must have looked a sight, me playing with his rock hard cock and him pulling at my nipples through my leotard. He seemed a bit embarrassed and said we had two minutes, i giggled and he left, Mark was now starting to panic as his cock would not go down so i told him to look away from me for a bit.This seemed to work although he had quite a bulge in his trunks, and we were lead out to a concert hall. Marked picked me up and carried me over to the couple and we sat with them, had some bubbly and had photos took with them. Everyone seemed to enjoy güvenilir bahis it and after 30 minutes we left the party and went back to the changing room.I was so worked up that as soon as the door was shut I was thrusting my tongue down his throat and getting him hard again, I pulled down his trunks and his cock sprung up, I got down on my knees and started sucking his now hard cock as he grabbed the back of my head . I was sucking away for about a minute and his breathing was getting louder when he started cumming in my mouth without warning, I was not ready for it and pulled his cock out as he kept on spurting at me. His spunk hit my nose, my ear and my hair and to be honest i was quite shocked and really pissed off as i was desperate for him to fuck me.Never mind I thought and just looked up at him and took his cock back in my mouth and licked the spunk from it, swirling it round my tongue while staring at him. Now he was finished I stood up and looked at my self in the mirror, I was covered in his spunk and started wiping it from my hair, nose and ears. He came up behind me and started playing with my tits and telling me he was sorry for cumming so quickly and it had never happened to him before.I said not to worry and we got changed in front of each other and tried to clean the make up off each other as best we could.He drove me home and dropped me off and I never saw him again, I went in to my house and almost ****d my boyfriend I was that horny.




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