The Holiday Pt 2


The Holiday Pt 2Jon fucked his wife, over and over, in every conceivable position. His lust couldn’t be abated. Exhausted, they finished and went for food. In the lobby, he spied Dean and gave him a deft nod. “Who was that?” Anne asked.”Oh, just some guy who bought me a beer earlier. Nice guy, harmless.” Jon assured his wife.the following morning came and Jon awoke with a raging hard on. His wife, having taken care of it, made her way poolside. He joined her for a while, until he noticed Dean in the bar chatting to another holiday maker. After 10 minutes of watching, he saw them both get up and leave, probably enticed by the same promise he’d had yesterday.A strange wave of jealousy swept over Jon. He was hoping for another brief encounter to satisfy the hunger that had developed. Here, he had seen his hopes dashed. He needed to feel that cock in his mouth, those fingers in his ass, that load on his tongue. Jon made his excuses to his wife, “I need a beer and a walk.””OK, honey, I’ll be here when you’re hungry!” she quipped. Jon hatched a plan in his head – he wanted to fuck, and he wanted both of these men. He went into the bar and ordered a beer. In the 15 minutes it would take to drink this Dean and his mystery partner would be in the throes of passion. He would interrupt and join in on a steamy threesome. He began gulping at the cold brew to calm his nerves.Feeling the alcohol steel his nerves Jon walked to the lift and pressed the floor button. As he stepped out he could feel the butterflies in his stomach, and the stirring in his crotch. He arrived at the familiar door with the golden “325” emblazoned across it. He pressed his ear to the door, the muffled, deep groans emanating from within. A mischievous thought made him act: if he was attempting to seduce Dean and his new companion into a threesome he needed to do something to announce his intentions early. He reached down to his zipper, unbuttoned his fly and let his rock hard cock spring to life. He let it bounce in its freedom then touched the tip and lifted the leaked precum to his lips. He knocked on the door and waited.After a few seconds Dean opened the door wearing nothing but a towel, which was quite obviously pressing an erection down. A glance beyond told Jon what he needed to know: a pair a muscled legs hung over the edge of he bed, the owner sprawled out of sight. Dean’s look of frustration quickly turned to a smile with a glint in his eye as he realised Jon was standing in front of him. Jon motioned downwards with his eyes and made his cock jump. Dean smirked and grabbed Jon by the dick. He pulled him through the door, simultaneously letting his towel drop to the floor like a sack of shit. He ushered Jon in and over to the bed, “Simon, Jon. Jon, Simon,” were the only words he spoke.Jon took a long hard look at Simon. He was sprawled on the bed, as naked as the day he was born, with a deliciously wet cock standing to attention. He was quite clearly on the receiving end of a blowjob when he was rudely interrupted. Simon was muscular and well proportioned, but had an almost ghost like quality to his skin – it’s paleness a product of Simon’s ginger hair. Like the two other men, Simon sported facial hair, although his was thicker and longer than the other two men. His head was almost bald, shaved close due to apparent balding. He had deep brown eyes, and a small nose. He mouth was completely framed by his beard, his lips slightly parted in question as the tall frame of Jon came into view. Simon saw his cock standing to attention and immediately understood he was about to join the party.Jon couldn’t take his eyes off canlı bahis Simons body. The pearly hue of his skin was completely juxtaposed to his purple nipples pointing out from a tangle of ginger chest hair. His abs were well defined and had a trail of hair running down to his uncropped bush. Simons bush was quite something. Clearly not one for grooming, Simon had let his pubic region grow quite wild, a mass of ginger fur coated his tight balls. His cock stood to attention and was begging to be sucked again. A purple helmet pulsed and spewed pre cum, his foreskin having been pulled back to allow access to this. He was probably a little over eight inches, but thick, with the familiar prominent vein running down the middle. Simon flexed his abs making his cock bounce, impatience evident.As Jon stood there drinking in the main age in front of him, he felt those rough hands reach around his waist, unbuttoning his shorts. He felt them fall to the floor and sidestepped out of them. Those same hands began tugging at his tshirt, pulling this up and over his head. Jon now stood there in the same state as the other two, feeling Dean’s calloused hands rubbing over his chest and stomach and firmly grasping his aching erection.Jon noticed Simon’s cock twitching due to the in attention, and immediately dropped to his knees, placing his hands on his large, muscular thighs. Jon reached up and took Simon’s thick penis into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the helmet, letting it lap at the natural lubricant that had been continually gushing out. Simon let out a deep, guttural growl as the movement of Jon’s tongue sent waves of pleasure through his body. Jon pushed the member down his throat, expertly deepthroating, having learned his lessons from Dean the previous day. The cock was silky and smooth as it pushed past his tongue. He felt as if he would gag, but he fought the reflex, wanting to have the length in his mouth for as long as possible.He felt Dean’s rough hands grasp a hold of his ass, lifting him to all fours, then pulling the cheeks apart, exposing his virgin hole. Dean surveyed the scene in front of him: a tight pink rosebud, framed in black hair, matted with sweat. Below a pair if heavy balls dangled free. He breathed in deeply, savouring the musty smell. He flicked his tongue across the virgin hole. Jon let out a muffled groan, still maintaining Simon’s cock in his mouth. Dean began probing the hole with his tongue, stretching it and forcing his tongue in deeper. Using his hands he parted the cheeks as far as they would go, exposing the inside of the rosebud. His tongue worshipped the hole and lapped at the taste sensations. “Oh yeah, tongue that ass,” came the groan from Jon as he relinquished his deepthroat on Simon’s thick cock. “fuck me with your tongue. Oh yeah.”Dean obliged, and went one step further. He lifted his index finger to his mouth, coating it with saliva, making sure it was entirely lubricated. He pushed against the bud’s defences, making them yield to the pressure of his finger. He slid it in as far as his knuckle, them with slightly more effort, the rosebud swallowed his knuckle too. Dean pulled his finger out to the tip, then plunged it back in, responding to the slurps of pleasure coming from Jon’s cock hungry mouth. Dean lubricated a second finger and pushed both in at the same time. Jon’s back straightened and his sphincter tensed. After a couple of moments of massaging and teasing, his hole relaxed and Dean began to finger fuck his ass.Below, Jon’s cock swung free. The play by Dean helping him to produce pre cum. Dean found the small, walnut shaped lump of Jon’s bahis siteleri prostate. He massaged, milking as much pre cum as possible. He reached around and took a hold of Jon’s erection, his hand drenched in pre cum told him he was doing the right thing.Jon continued to face fuck Simon as waves of pleasure was sent through his body. Simon had grasped hold of his head and was bucking his pelvis, allowing Jon to take his full length down his throat, then pulling out just as Jon began to gag. Jon pulled the cock out of his mouth. He wanted to lick the entire length, beginning with the bush. He buried his face in Simon’s ginger bush, worshipping his cock up to the tender point underneath his helmet, using his free hand to massage his furry balls. Dean stopped with his playful finger fucking and pushed Jon onto the bed next to Simon. Jon turned his face towards Simon and began to kiss him deeply, Dean started sucking, licking and jerking both cocks simultaneously. He had decided, he wanted to fuck and be fucked at the same time, beginning and explicit daisy chain of hard cock and plundered ass holes. He stopped licking and looked up at the two men.”Simon, I want you to fuck me. I want that cock in my ass now.” Simon looked down at Dean and dutifully stood up. He looked down at deans puckered ass hole and knelt down to begin rimming.Simon could not believe what was happening or where he was. 20 minutes ago he was having a quiet drink in the hotel bar when this handsome stranger had approached him, and now he was in a hotel room with two other naked men, about to start licking a mans ass. And he had no objections. He knew he was bi curious, but never thought he’d ever act on it. He was here on holiday with his friend who was hangover in bed, so he decided to indulge at the hotel bar. Dean had approached him, bought him a drink and done something, and before he knew it he was having his cock sucked.Simon looked down at Dean’s rosebud. It was completely free of hair and yielded easily to his tongue and fingers. “Put your dick inside me,” came the command, and he did as he was told. He spit saliva int his palm and began to lube up his cock. He pressed his purple head against Dean’s gates, and they instantly let him in. Dean let out a huge sigh as Simons cock drove deep into his ass. From tip to hilt, Simon had not paused for breath, and he began fucking Dean hard. Dean tensed his ass cheeks and soon the sound of flesh slapping against flesh filled the room. Dean focused his effort on sucking cock trying to maintain the rhythm of Simon’s strokes. Simon fucked with gusto. He pulled out and plunged his entire length back inside, stretching the sphincter, pressing against his prostate. Jon looked on and stroked his cock slowly. He slid down the bed to where Dean was getting pounded and guided his head towards his shiny member. Dean licked and probed and slid the entire length down his throat. Each thrust from Simon forced his mouth further down the length. He pulled the cock from his mouth, breathlessly declaring to Jon, “I want to fuck you. Let me fuck you.” Jon was taken aback. He had never been fucked by a guy, and Dean’s hard prick was way bigger than any of the butt plugs he and Anne used. Tentatively he agreed. Simon popped his rod from Dean’s ass and stood looking on, slowly pumping his length whilst Jon got on the bed on all fours. Dean lubed his member and spread even more over Jon’s hole, smearing and matting the hair that framed it. Dean moved closer as Jon inhaled and held his breath.”Just breath and don’t arch your back. You’ll be fine. I can wait to feel you from the inside,” Dean güvenilir bahis assured, slipping one, then two fingers into the tight hole. Jon’s sphincter clenched, but Dean continued resolutely. After a couple of moments he released Jon’s ass and steadied his dick, guiding it towards the puckered hole.Jon gasped as he felt the tip press against his ass, pushing on regardless of the defences he put up, his face contorted in pain. “Fuck, that’s so big,” he moaned, feeling the meaty pole invading his anus.”just relax,” Dean whispered, lifting Jon’s stomach to remove the arch in his back. He slowly reached his hilt as Jon’s ass completely swallowed the full length. He began to pull his cock out, leaving only the tip inside, slowly thrusting the length right back inside. Jon felt this movement over and over, his pain slowly turning to pleasure as the slow pile driving motion made him moan with each thrust. Simon looked on, slowly stroking his cock, his purple head coated in pre cum. He moved to Jon’s head, pushing his pole inside Jon’s mouth, muffling his moaning. “Take those dicks you little slut,” Simon moaned, thrusting his cock further down his throat, “ohhh, you like being face fucked while that big cock takes that virgin hole, huh?” he breathed, slapping his cock on either side of Jon’s face.”I want you to fuck me again,”came the command from the other end of Jon. Dean was beckoning Simon over to fuck him as he fucked Jon. Simon obliged quickly. Dean leant forward, dick still buried deep inside Jon, and opened his abused asshole for Simon to see. Simon lubed his cock with his spit once more, and shoved it unceremoniously into Dean’s welcoming orifice. All three men groaned as the shock wave sent Dean’s cock plummeting further into Jon’s ass. Simon started fucking with vigour, his balls slapping on Deans. Dean found his rhythm and soon all three men were involved in a tight daisy chain.Simon stiffened and yelled “FUCK, IM GONNA CUM,” and unloaded a huge load deep inside Dean. Dean, feeling himself being soaked from the inside couldn’t hold back anymore and released his load of creamy jizz into Jon’s virgin ass. Both men continued to fuck as each successive stroke released more cum, until their cocks were coated and it dribbled out of the hole. Both men grew limp and their dicks slipped out of their respective holes, spent and glistening with cum. Jon collapsed in a heap, thoroughly used and felt the cum being pushed out of his hole and running down his legs. He pushed himself up with his last ounce of strength and got to his feet. Despite the pain and rampant nature of his experience, Jon retained his hard on, and he had a sack full of spunk, waiting to explode. He slowly began to jerk his erection, as Simon moved into view, falling to his knees, ready to take Jon’s throbbing member in his mouth. Simon swallowed whole, gagging slightly as the thick rod slid past his tongue. Dean appeared next to Simon and started lapping at Jon’s tight balls, the cum running from his ass getting tangle aught on his balls. Jon looked down a these two chiselled faces licking and caressing his genitals. He heaved a sight and pulled his cock from Simon mouth. He jerked his cock twice pulling his foreskin back twice as a stream of hot, white liquid erupted like a geyser, coating the ginger beard of Simon. Spurt after spurt came as the sensation washed over Jon, his thick cream coating Simon’s face. As Jon squeezed the final drops from his tender head, Dean lapped at the cum collected in the mass of Ginger hair. Exhausted, all three men lay down on the bed, a jumble of hairy limbs and sweaty torsos. Eventually, Jon stood up, pulled on his clothes and made to exit. Before he left he looked back at the two face he was leaving:”Same time tomorrow?”And with a knowing smirk he walked to the elevator, going to meet his wife.




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