Meeting for the 1st time


Meeting for the 1st timeI’m waiting on the corner dressed in thin cotton shorts (lining removed as instucted)no underware, a white sleevless t/shirt and open toed sandles. I’ve been here for ages, stood waiting and not able to move because you told me to wait however long I had to wait.It’s getting chilly and I’ve got goosebumps on my skin. A car pulls up and the window is lowered, I’m told to get in put on the blindfold, sit still and face the front.I’ve already been told that there is to be total silence throughout the time I’m with you. I feel the car start to move and then your hand on my thigh, gently stoking back and forth, getting closer to my groin with each stroke. You pass comment on how smooth my leg is and I stuggle not to reply. I can feel my cock starting to get hard and very soon its popping out of the leg of my shorts, this makes you laugh. You say that you’ll soon cure me of that ever happening again. We arrive at our destination, I have no idea where i am. I feel you get out of the car and then my door opens. You remove my blindfold and take a grip of my arm, leading the way to my new life. You open a door and push me through telling me to go straight ahead into the lounge and to stand in the middle of the room.You mecidiyeköy escort enter the room a sit in an armchair and call me over to you. I stand in front of you and you ask me why I’m here and what i want to happen in my life. Despite having talked on the phone and various messages somehow telling you face to face is humiliating and embarrasing for me and i can feel myself blush, this causes you to laugh at me again. As i begin to tell you i feel myself shrink, losing control, feeling smaller and so insignificant.You look at me and tell me that you know what i’m feeling and that i now belong to you, i nod in submissive acceptance. I’m told to take off what little clothing i’m wearing and then stand up straight. You stand in front of me and begin to run your hands over me, checking to make sure i have shaved properly. I start to get hard again and, when your satisfied with my shaving, you tell me to kneel in front of you. You sit in a chair and tell me to wank myself until you tell me to stop,you ask me if i’m close to cumming and i say yes master i am.You make me stop just before i cum, my cock is throbbing, desperate for release, you then tell me to continue wanking,You wait a while and make me stop again. mecidiyeköy escort bayan This you tell me is you taking control of my cock and that i will only ever cum with your approval. You decide that this time i can cum but i must cum in my hand.I do as i’m told and deposit my cum into my hand, which i’m told to now eat until its all gone and to be sure and enjoy it as it will be a long time before i cum again. My cock begins to go down and thats when you put me in a cock cage telling me you are the only one who can release me and that wont happen for a long time. You tell me that from now on i will refer to my cock as my clit, I’m no longer a man, soon i will be a sissy, just a few more things to do. To show my devotion and commitment to you i have to kiss your feet and beg for further humiliation and training.You grab my arm and lead me to a side room. You open the door and i can see the room is in complete darkness, you turn on the light, which i notice is controlled from the outside wall of the room. I can then see that the window is completly boarded and letting in no light, the floor is bare, along one wall stands a single bed with iron headboard and a similar iron rail at the bottom of the bed. This şişli escort bayan is where i will be kept when i’m not required you tell me, the window is locked and the door will be locked. If i need to go to toilet while i’m locked up there is an old bucket in the room that i will have to use. On the bed is some clothing, you tell me to put it on and you will be back later.You leave the room and i hear the door lock. I do as I’m told and dress in the clothes left for me. I put on stockings and suspenders, frilly panties, a black silky top and a black mini skirt. I then sit and wait. It seems like forever before you return and take me back into the lounge.I am made to stand in the middle of the room and turn round slowly so that you can have a good look at me dressed as a sissy for the first time.You have me pose for photographs, some tame, some exposing myself, I’m blushing and embarresed but do as i’m told.You make me take off the top and the skirt, turn around and bend over presenting what i must now call my pussy. You tell me to reach back and hold my pussy open. You then insert a dildo that has a tail on it. You put fingerless gloves on my hands and strap them on me. You then put a headband on my head that looks like cat ears. I am then made to act like a cat, on all fours, walking around purring and meaowing. I have to eat and drink like a cat, then i have to pee in a tray of cat litter. Only when your satisfied my humiliation is complete do you allow to suck your cock for the first time.




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