the Night Whispers Index-10


the Night Whispers Index-10My door opened and Kira followed my son into the room. He wore only his boxers, already tenting. Kira was clothed in a nightshirt, her swollen breasts pushing out the fabric, her nipples visible beneath.I nodded towards the bed, and they sat next to me. I stood and faced them. “So … I take it you two are eager to get started.” The looks and nods confirmed my thoughts.”I want to introduce you to each other’s bodies. You should get to know each other, first with your fingers and your lips. And I’ll show you what feels good to me…”I knelt in front of my son and smiled up at him. “Relax, Dex. I think you liked this before.”I reached into his boxers and wrapped my fingers around his throbbing penis, his flesh warm in my hand. I pulled him out of the opening, and Kira’s eyes were immediately staring there. “A guy really likes to feel your fingers around his dick,” I started, “stroking it gently at first.” I slipped my son’s cock through my fist, lightly pulling on the skin but not gripping him too hard. “Just up and down. Watch his body move, Kira. It will show you what he likes.”Dexter was already starting to pant. A drop of precum formed in his tiny hole. “Would you like to taste it, Kira?” I asked, “your brother is sweet and wonderful. Just your tongue.” Kira leaned over and drew her tongue across Dex’s penis, collecting the precum. She smiled and purred and sat back to watch me.”You’ll want to get him wet. Your mouth works best. Like this…”I leaned down and took my son’s cock between my lips. God, I loved the salty, meaty flavor of his dick. He swelled against my tongue as I started to slowly work up and down, drooling saliva over his flesh. I paused and said, “careful with your teeth. Just your lips and tongue. He’ll love it. Right, Dex?”He moaned his agreement when I sucked him in again. Kira had moved closer, now beside me with her chin on her brother’s thigh, eyes locked on where I sucked his cock.”You can feel him getting closer, see how he’s tensing? He’s going to shoot soon. I think you should try it first…”Kira literally drooled as she moved between his legs, slurping up the drop of saliva hanging on her lip.”Be gentle. Use a little suction. Use your tongue to swirl the tip and the length. Go ahead. See? He’s drooling precum again…”Kira’s lips trembled as they slid just over the tip of her brother’s penis. He groaned his appreciation. She was hesitant, only moving down a couple of inches before pulling back.”Use your fingers to hold him here,” I showed her with my own, “you can control how deep you take him.”Kira grasped Dex’s shaft and started to move up and down with more urgency. My son groaned again, his hips rising from the bed. “Oh … Oh … Ohhh…”Kira purred, “mmm … mmmm … mmmmmm…” I could hear her slurping as she applied suction. Her lips were wet with drool, my son’s cock slippery and pulsing.”When he cums, Kira, you can keep him inside if you want … that’s what I enjoy. Just concentrate on breathing … breathe … that’s it.” Kira bobbed in long motions, my son’s penis becoming over-engorged. “Do it, Dex,” I told my son, “fill her mouth.” Kira braced herself by making her movements more shallow and tightening her lips. “Cum in your sister’s mouth, Dex … oh, God…” My fingers were sliding between my legs as I watched.My son started to jerk. “Oh … Oh … it’s coming … I’m cumming … Oh … Oh … Uuuuhhhhhhhggggggg … ooohhhhmmmmmgg…”Kira snorted as her brother’s cum fired against the back of her throat. She tried to breathe as he came, gagging lightly. She pulled back, the tip of Dex’s cock against her lips. Long strands of sticky seed splashed against her mouth and chin, some of it hitting my arm and my breasts. Dexter groaned canlı bahis as he came. Kira caught her breath after swallowing hard and pushed her lips back over the tip of her brother’s dick, letting the last drops of semen collect on her tongue.Dexter shuddered and pulled his cock from his sister’s mouth, moaning through his orgasm. Small globs of warm cum ran from the tip and down over Kira’s fingers. She looked at me, mouth open, looking proud of herself. I smiled. Her brother’s semen was dripping from several spots on her face, her lips coated, and I could see some still inside on her tongue. Before I could kiss her, she leaned over her brother and pushed her lips to his.My son licked his own cum from Kira’s face, swallowing what she did not. I played with my pussy while I enjoyed them moaning and kissing together.When they broke apart, Kira looked at me for further instructions.”That was beautiful, you two.”I agree.”I kinda lost it,” Kira said, “it surprised me how much he shot.””Yeah … your brother has very healthy loads, it seems,” I chuckled, “it just takes practice. Lots of practice. I’m sure you two won’t mind that, right?”They both grinned.”Well, Dex, what do you think?””That was so hot … seeing it on you, Kira,” my son said to his sister, “I always wanted to know what you did when I gave your panties back. I wondered if you ever put it on your face…””Not like that,” Kira replied, drawing a finger across the wetness on her chin, “but I ate it…””So hot,” Dex said.”And now it’s your turn, Dex. Ready?”He nodded, and I pushed my daughter onto her back. She grinned, flushed and sweaty. I kissed her lips a moment, tasting my son’s salty seed in her mouth, then spread her legs and settled between them.”Every woman is different, Dex. You have to pay attention to how she moves, how her body tells you to do more or less, move faster or slower. Don’t worry, it just takes practice, as well.”I leaned close to Kira’s sweaty crotch, my daughter’s aroma full of florally, pungent notes. I inhaled, “smell her first, let her know how much it turns you on to sniff her there. It’s better than her panties, trust me…”I inhaled again, letting Kira’s odors wash through me. My own pussy was drooling between my legs.”Then start by teasing her a bit. Here,” I licked along one edge of my daughter’s thin but swollen labia majora, “and here,” down the other side, “and here,” I circled above her clit. “Let her know how much you like tasting her. Mmm…”Dex had moved closer and was watching carefully as I started to lap against Kira’s crotch, tasting her slick, slightly creamy juices. She moaned lightly, her hands idly playing across her nipples. I rested my hands on her stomach, gently stroking up and down as I licked her private flesh.”See this?” I asked, my tongue pointing to Kira’s little clit, “that’s the spot she really likes to be licked. Be gentle, though. Not too much, unless she wants it. Build up to it, let her know with your tongue how turned on it makes you to know her this way.” I began to circle my daughter’s nub, the little button hardening, barely visible under its hood. Kira strained and grew more tense, louder, with each pass of my tongue. “Then,” I told my son, “slip a finger inside. She’s already wet there…”I probed towards Kira’s vagina. Her hymen mostly covered the opening, only a small hole in the pink-white membrane. It looked a lot like mine at her age. I’d come to realize how different hymens could be. Some women had almost nothing there, others had a nearly-complete barrier in front of their vaginas.My daughter’s, like mine, mostly obscured her inner channel. “Her hymen is still intact. Let it be up to her when she wants you to push through it. But for now, just penetrate her gently. Like bahis siteleri this…” I softly fingered Kira’s pussy while I licked her clit. She started to raise up, and I knew she was getting closer. “I think Dex should try it now.”He eagerly took my place between his sister’s legs. She watched, her head raised slightly, as her brother knelt down and inhaled against her pussy. I shuddered at the amazing sight. Dexter had sniffed Kira’s personal odors on her panties many times, I knew, but now he was inhaling her scents straight from her flesh. Juices were running down my thigh.His first lap against her was a lot like when he’d licked me, a bit stiff and uncertain. “Explore her with your tongue, Dex. Remember how I showed you? Feel how tender she is. See how much Kira enjoys it?” My daughter was rolling her hips side-to-side in small movements, head back on a pillow, her eyes closed.Dex started to move more confidently, lapping Kira’s pussy in longer strokes, running up her labia and circling her clit. I watched, playing with myself, as he probed her folds, first with his tongue, then with his finger. He watched me for clues, and I nodded to indicate he was doing a great job.When he returned to Kira’s clit, his finger moving in small circles in her cunt, Kira started to moan louder. “Uhnn … Uhnn … Uhnn … Oh … yessss…” I knew she was starting to cum when she shuddered hard several times, then jerked each time her brother’s tongue swept by her nub. “Oh … Oh … Ohh … Ohhhhhh … Ohhhhh … Ohhhhh … Mmmmm … mmmmmm””Easy,” I cautioned my son as Kira’s orgasm sent her body into tight shivers, “her clit gets sensitive when she cums. Go easy.” He slowed his movements, using just the tip of his tongue to touch her. “Taste her lower. She just creamed herself…”Dex moved his tongue lower and I saw my daughter’s sweet, whitish juices being swept into his mouth. He lapped her over and over, swallowing everything he could collect. When Kira stopped moaning and was still, my son looked at me.”From here, it just takes practice. Talk to each other, tell each other what you really like, what feels good, what you want more of. Experiment. So long as you aren’t hurting each other, you’ll find other ways to enjoy these things.”Dex plopped onto the bed between Kira and I, and I brought my lips to his, my daughter’s cream so sweet and tart in his mouth. I was buzzing with arousal and wanted to cum badly. “Would anyone like to give their mother an orgasm?”Kira practically leapt from the bed, a big smile on her face. She was sweaty and I loved to see he drops of moisture on her flushed face. I turned onto my back, pulling Dex over me and bringing his hands to my breasts. While rough, his fingers felt amazing as he caressed my boobs. I felt my daughter’s tongue slide into my snatch, and for long moments, I moaned into my son’s mouth as Kira licked my pussy.I’m going to cum.Jackie’s thought broke into mine just a few seconds before I was going to release. I seemed to know where she was, raising my hand over my body to find Jackie’s pussy. She appeared to be straddling my chest, just over where Dex fondled my tits, squatting slightly and facing me. My fingers slid into her vagina, and I rapidly rubbed her G-spot. I could feel Jackie’s fingers moving quickly around her clit.Cumming … cumming … ohh…Fluids splashed onto my chest from the air above, coating my breasts and Dexter’s arm. He froze. Another spurt hit my face, my neck. My mouth was open and I tasted my sister’s squirt, the light fluids barely more than water. Kira’s lips grazed my clit, her tongue moving side-to-side, and as more juices dripped onto my body, I came hard, “Ohhhh … Uhhhh … Uhhhnnnn … Mmmmm … Uhnnnn…” Kira lapped up my güvenilir bahis cream and kissed my labia over and over and over.I fell back from where I’d arched my back, Dex staring at the mess on my body and his arm.”Oh, Kira … Dex … oh…””What … what was that?” Dex asked, uncertain.I came.I saw my son’s eyes go wide.You can hear me now, Dexter. Hello. I’m your Aunt Jackie…”Oh my god…” he said, falling back from me. “You … you two were telling the truth? I thought … I thought you were making her up!”I shook my head. “No, she’s real! In some sense. Oh, Jackie, Dex can hear you!”I don’t know how this works, exactly … but I could tell immediately, when I squirted on his arm. I felt your mind open to me, Dexter. I’m so happy I can share with you fully.Kira exclaimed, “so wonderful!” I could see wetness streaking her cheeks and lips. Kira moved to Dexter’s backside and ran her hands over his chest, pulling herself close to him. He turned back and kissed her while I pressed against his front, Jackie’s squirt running down onto the blankets. My son’s penis was hard again, pushing against my stomach.I’d like to take this one, Dexter. May I?”What do you mean?” My son asked after pulling his lips from Kira’s.Lay back.Kira moved enough for Dexter to roll onto his back, his hard penis throbbing in the air. The skin looked red, a bit irritated from the days of attention, but he didn’t complain when it was clear Jackie had sucked him between her lips. He closed his eyes and groaned.I tried something.I closed my eyes and tried to imagine Jackie’s face. I brought forward her hair, her blue eyes, the freckle on her nose. I remembered the lipstick, her perfume, the way her nostrils flared when she started breathing heavily. I poured all my energy into that image.”Mom… ?” Kira’s voice caused me to open my eyes.Jackie’s head bobbed up and down on my son’s penis. The image was stronger than before, fading out around her neck, but almost life-like above. My sister’s eyes sparkled as she sucked Dexter’s cock. I ran my fingers through her hair, just to be sure I wasn’t still imagining her. She purred as she blew my son, and his body was quickly tensing and humping through the ring formed by Jackie’s lips.”Cum in her mouth, Dexter,” I breathed, “oh, God, Jackie … You are so beautiful sucking his cock…”Mmm, my sister purred, the image becoming sharper, more vivid.Dexter started to ejaculate. His hips rose, forcing his penis deep into Jackie’s mouth. She moaned as he grunted, his load shot into her throat. I always wondered what my sister looked like with a cock in her mouth. I was overwhelmed by how much I enjoyed watching her now.My son fell back, and Jackie slurped up his shaft, keeping his semen inside. She grinned and opened her mouth, showing me the mix of saliva and Dexter’s semen before she swallowed it.It was then that I realized something I’d missed.If Jackie had lived, she’d have been forty. The image of her, the one which almost looked real as she swallowed my son’s cum, was as she was the last time I saw her alive. She was eighteen again and beautiful. Her face was the perfect mix of mature and youthful, a stunning image I’d held in my head many nights when I masturbated during those months she was away at school.”God, Jackie … God … you are so beautiful.” I kissed her lips as the image began to fade.I’m getting stronger. We’re getting stronger. I feel … alive again. More than before.”Jackie … why do I see you as you were at eighteen?”I don’t know. I guess … I never got any older.Kira asked, “where do you go? When you go away?”I’m not sure. There are … gaps, of some sort. I’m here and then … nothing … and then I’m with you again. Almost like a dreamless sleep.”That sounds … sad,” my daughter said quietly.No, not exactly. Sad requires me to be aware of it when it happens. I only feel happiness for being here now. The gaps, Jackie said, her voice fading with her image, are only gaps, not sadness.




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