Chance meeting


Chance meetingTrue story happened March 2014Chance MeetingI had a service call and had to drive up to Conn. A snow storm was coming in. After a long drive thru the storm I arrived at the hotel. All wound up from the long drive decided to go to the bar in the hotel and have a meal and a couple beers to unwind. Sat at the bar and ordered, when a cute brunette sat asked if could sit in the empty chair next to me. I stood up and pulled the stool out so she could sit down. She said “Thank-you”Introduced myself , and asked she wanted something to drink; she replied “I’ll have a beer. Thank-you”She introduced herself “I’m Mary it has been a long drive for me coming from Boston” I replied “It was a long drive for me to snow all the way up” Ordered another couple beers. Asked if she wanted half of my sandwich that I didn’t want the whole sandwich. She replied” if you don’t mind” made small talk while eating. (She was married mid forty, cute and nice pair of tits. )After eating I told her ” I was thinking about jumping in the Hot-Tub but there was k**s swimming in the indoor pool. After a couple beers and sitting in the Hot-Tub unwind and relax” she said “I though they close it at 9″ I told her ” They dim the lights you can use your key card to get in” She said thanks for the meal and beers. Good to meet you! Enjoy your evening. Went up to my room I had a pair of shorts and put them on grabbed a towel and went down to the pool area opened the door. It was dark in the corner turned on the hot tub and slipped off my shorts and slipped in. (I know from the monitors behind the desk they have a camera in the corner above the hot tub looking at the pool. ) Sitting back I the warm hot-tub I put my arms on the sides. Started thinking about how hot Mary canlı bahis looked it didn’t take long before my cock began semi-hard. Lowered my hand and began edging my cock. When I heard the door buzz and open! Oh Shit I think I’ve been caught stood up and grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my waist and sat on the edge of the tub. It was a female that entered Mary she had a towel wrapped around and tucked in around her breasts. She said “It sounded like a good idea to sit in the hot-tub. Mind if I join you?” I replied ” sure!” She unwrapped her towel and had a one piece bathing suit on. It accented her breasts and high cut on the bottom her was smoking hot!!! She looked down and seen my shorts on the side. I started to excuse myself to slip them back on. She said”mmm your naked ? ” replied ” I afraid I’ve been caught!” She said “don’t you worry about anyone seeing you?” I replied ” first couple times up here I worn my shorts; no one had ever come in so the last couple time went in naked. So I didn’t get my shorts wet.” I so embarrass ! Mary giggled said “don’t worry it will be your little secret. It doesn’t bother me in the summer me and my husband for a swim in there pool naked at night!” I said “are you sure?” I said I’m going to slip them back on! Just embarrassed I was caught no need to offended you!” Turned and slipped my shorts on and dropped my towel. My cock was semi hard still. Went over to turn up the timer on the hot-tub. Sat back in the hot-tub. Mary said “your right it is relaxing! A good way to relax!” Seeing her breasts near the top of the water a very attractive women it the hot-tub with me my cock began to get hard! With the bubbles coming up couldn’t really see the lower body figured what the hell I could rub bahis siteleri my cockhead and edge while sitting in there . I could see Mary rubbing her neck and top part her back. Asked her if she was tense. She said ” Yeah neck is stiff from the trip! She asked if I mind rubbing her neck?” She moved over and sat back against my chest. My cock was rock hard I know she could feel it. I began rubbing her neck and shoulders she let out a sigh! “Oh that feels so good!” She placed her hands on my knees rubbing them. She said” Oh that feels so good! Now if I had sex that would make my night!” That took me by surprise! I replied ” I’m sure we could work that out!” Leaned forward and began to kiss the back of her neck! She exclaimed” Oh I’ve never done anything like this! I’m not sure I can go thru this! But I’m tense and horny sitting in this tub!” She reached back and grabbed my cock! She asked”are you sure no one can see us?” Said yes there is a camera but pointed at the other end of pool the guy at the desk is in the back playing games on the computer. She stood up and lowered her straps on bathing suit lowering it her breast were amazing she then stepped out of her suit. She said “I’m so horny I need a cock !” She sat on the edge of the tub opening her legs! Her pussy was shave with a small patch of hair on top! I pulled my shorts off and put them on the edge of the tub. My cock was rock hard! I leaned forward moving my head between her legs! I said “you are a very beautiful lady!” I had began nibbling on her clit suck and licking her labia slipping it into opening tasting her juices! She leaned back against pillar that was on the edge of the tub grabbing and rubbing her nipples! She began to moan…. “Oh that feels so good!” She güvenilir bahis reached down grabbing the back of my head pulling my face in tight against her pussy! I reached down and rubbing my foreskin over my gland! Eating a tasty pussy lapping her juices… Mary said “I need your cock in my pussy! I’m going to cum soon!” I moved up and slid my cock in her hot pussy! It was tight and wet from her juices and my saliva. Slip my cock in slowly she let out a low moan.. The deeper I went until I push my cock all the way in! She whispered “please don’t cum in me! I don’t have any birth control! And don’t need to get pregnant!” I won’t! I started to pump my cock into her plunging it in deep! “Oh god that feels so good! Fuck me hard oh yes baby fuck me hard! Oh yeah baby fuck my pussy ooooohhhh! Yeah I’mmmmmm going to cum soon fuck me! Fuck me! Yeahh ohhhh baby I’m goinnn to cummmm! Ahhhh yeah…. Ahhhh yeah! Fuck me Fuck meeeee! Ohhhh yeahhhhh I’m cummminnnn ohhhh yeah!!! ” I was about to explode I pulled my cock out and started rubbing against her pussy shooting several steams of cum on top of her pussy and on her stomach. She grabbed my cock and miked my cum on the top of her pussy. I leaned down began licking my cum off of her… Licking her clit… She said” I never had anyone ever clean up there cum what a turn-on! ” licked her pussy slipped my tongue inside her sucking on her clit. Mary moaned “oh that feels so good!” Oh yes don’t stop!” Ohhhhh I’m going to cum again! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh! Ohhhh godddd yessss!” She grabbed the back of my head pulling it hard on her pussy.” Yeahhhhhh! Ohhhh yeahhh!”She began to buck her pussy against my mouth. Finally she pulled back “ohh give me a minute!” Mary was shaking. She sat back and grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her! She said”I haven’t had sex like that in years! Thank-you!” Mary said” I’m going to sleep good tonite! Thank-you!” She leaned over and kissed my cheek. Told her”The pleasure was all mine!” ??




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