Church Girls are easy (part one)

Double Penetration

Church Girls are easy (part one)Church sometimes was more of a social outlet for me. Meet people, make friends and have clean people to hang out with and on occasions, maybe even bed down one. This two part story is one such occasion. As I soon found out, guys are not the only ones with similar intentions. I was young, naive, by no means a “Man of the World” at that point in my life. I changed the names. Geographical locations are correct. I guess I made her happy, she made me happy. So it is all good. VAL THE VOLLEYBALL GIRL. One nice thing about attending a metropolitan Church, especially one situated so close to a college campus, is there were lots of people. People my age. In the po-dunk community where I grew up, there were lots of old people, people older than I (five to ten years or so) with little k**s. My old church never really offered me much of anything, except an occasional social outlet.September was always a fun month. School had begun, the new College and NFL season was upon us and the holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day were soon to be celebrated by, well, everyone. Everyone except me.My summer internship at Aero-Jet (a rocket motor company), was over. I was, in theory, not paid. I did receive a milage allowance, $12.22 a day, so I was able to make rent on my room, had walking around money and splurge and see a movie. I was not broke, I had a sizable nest egg from the liquidation of my parents properties and the buy out from my deceased Father’s real estate business. I did not spend like a wild man. Back on point.The first Sunday after Labor Day was really the first weekend of school and the day spent getting acquainted with new surroundings. There was a fresh batch of people in attendance, mostly girls. In fact the ratio of girls to guys was three to one. Some of the guys were ‘looking’ some were pathetic losers and a couple, like me, were trying to scratch our way through school. I will forgo the “Baby Jesus” stuff and get to the meat of the matter. About 3 PM, I trekked to the local market to find something that would keep for a day or two, maybe eat that night and crack open the books. As I was going through the produce isle, a girl that I had met that morning walked up to me and said, “Hi, I remember you from Church, but I did not catch your name.” At that point, she held out her hand and said, “I’m Valerie Miller.” “” Well, Valerie Miller I am pleased to meet you, I’m Mark. Mark Andersen.” As we shook hands, she had a smile on her face and she said, “It’s Sunday afternoon. Why arn’t you out with the “boys’ watching football?” “None of the teams on really interest me. I mean, who wants to see Kansas City versus Detroit? No Oakland Raiders, no 49er’s. In fact, no California teams.” “My thoughts exactly.” I mentioned the Raider game was on the radio and it was halftime so I decided to get in some shopping before preping for school this week. As Valerie looked at my basket, she could see the cans of soup, spinach and a couple of Banquet “Boil N Bag” entrees and asked, “Are you shopping for lunch, dinner or both?” “I have not had lunch, so maybe this is going to be a “mood choice.” “No steaks, hamburger or real meat? If a guy cooks for himself, that is what is usually is, a steak to stuff his face.”I did not want to bring up my living arrangements, as that would have put me into the “pathetic looser’ catagory. As I was walking up to check out counter, Valerie followed and said, “Hey, I have a great idea. I didn’t have much to scarf down, is there some place to eat around here? We can do lunch together, if you want. Dutch Treat.” “Sure,” I responded. “You don’t look like a McDonalds type of person. There is a little hole in the wall Mexican place in walking distance or if you want to drive and arrive separately, that is O.K. too.” “Sounds great. I love Mexican food.” I gave Valerie the lay of the land and in fifteen minutes she drove up in a nice green MG. She was too tall for an MG. In fact Valerie was darn close to 6 feet tall. She had legs that went up to her neck and the Jordashe Jeans and the Famolare platform shoes made her seem much taller. As we sat, she seemed very relaxed; after all, this was not a date. I looked at her arms and shoulders and I was amazed how well built she was. I soon discovered she was recruited to play volleyball. Sac State did not offer scholarships at the time, but recruited by offering priority registration. She was from Redding, CA and she was a Sophomore and spent one year in Junior College before coming to Sac State.We ate lunch, I offered to pay, just as a nice gesture, so she said, “Tell you what, you pay and I will leave the tip.” Which sounded good to me. We left that place and we shook hands and she said, “Well, see you around.” As I walked to my car, Valarie approached me and said, “Wow, THAT’S your car?” Looking at my vintage 1966 Chevy Malibu. I said, “Yes, the ride. I resurrected it from a barn, it had not been driven in 10 years and was covered in goo. Except for the paint job and the interior, I rebuilt it myself.” “Nice ride.” The following day, I was in the cafeteria books in one hand and a toasted cheese sandwich in the other and Valarie walks up and says, “Well, hello stranger. Can I sit and join you?” I looked up and said, “Sure.” I stood up as she pulled out the chair and sat down. “Wow, you have manners.” We chatted for a little bit. Valerie asked, “So, what are you doing tonight?” I mentioned not much of anything. “Well, one of my room mates Father brought by a TV yesterday and the two of them are having a few people over to watch the Monday night game. You in?””Gosh yes. I’d love to!”When Valerie gave me the address to her apartment, I knew where they were, the other side of campus, across the American River. One of the first things constructed at that campus was that “Bridge to Nowhere,” as at the time of its construction, what is known as Campus Commons was hops fields. I arrived fashionable on time, the party had already started. The beer was flowing. Valerie met me at the door, wearing a nice pair of Calvin Kline jeans (that made her legs go up to her neck) and an almost “out of style” tube top. Remember, this was 1982 a tube top was not that far out of fashion. Valerie handed me a beer and said, “Welcome! I was a little worried as I looked at the clock practically each minute after 5 and figured you were not going to show.” I apologized for being late, as I misunderstood start time. The evening was funny, as one of the ‘dates’ of the room mate looked like he never played a down of football, yet he was the “expert” in the room. I nursed the brew, as I was not then (or even now) a beer drinker. I forgot who played, as Valerie and I sat together on the couch and talked. By the end of the evening, she had one of her hands running up and down my leg, had her arm around me. After the end of the game, one of the room mates whisked off her ‘date’ out of the apartment that left the other roomy and Valerie and I. I said, “Well, 8 AM comes early, I need to go home.” Valerie walked me to my car in the parking lot. As I was ready to get into the car, Valerie said, “No, you don’t go without giving me at least a hug.” So we hugged.I did not see her, nor was I looking, for Valerie the remainder of the week. Sunday rolled around, my social outlet beckoned so I went to Church. Valerie was there. She found a group of girls to hang around with for Sunday School, but wanted to sit by me during the service. Valerie was dressed well. Too well for a college student, and wearing a pair of Silvia Cattucci pumps and a YSL dress and the perfume was Oscar De La Renta. I recognized the scent, as Lisa, a lady with whom I had what is now called a “Friends with Benefits” arrangement wore that when on the hunt. After church, was the coffee social hour. We went down stairs and Valerie found a group of people to sit with. She asked me to bring her a coffee, cream and two sugars. I brought her the coffee, Valerie was chatting with a couple of Church ‘old timers,” college age women who were more than happy to provide Valerie the “lay of the land.” This lay of the land consisted of who is dating whom, which people to avoid as they were desperate, or which people to avoid as they were losers.Vicki (I will call her), pointed to me and said, “This one is really quiet. He’s sort of a nerd but you should see him play baseball or basketball.” I could feel a reaction coming on and Vicki said, “See, he’s blushing. How did you get him to talk to you?” Valerie mentioned she met me at the market a couple of blocks away. “He is anything but quiet, he will talk your canlı bahis leg off,” Valerie said.As the social hour ended, I wished everyone a good day, stood up to leave. Valerie stood up and followed. I did not see that, as much as I heard the giggling coming from that table and saw Valerie following me. When I got outside, Valerie said, “Hey, Mark, wait up a minute.” I stopped and she said, “No car?” “Well, I live two blocks up and two blocks over.””Take me to your place, I want to see how you live. You have been to my place, take me to yours.” I agreed and as we walked, she reached over to hold my hand. Just her touch sent goose bumps up and down my spine. as I looked down, she had incredibly large hands (she was 5’10”) and they were very soft. We talked about plans for the week, mine included lots of homework as I was pulling 14 units including Advanced Calculus and Electrical Physical properties of circuits, which fell in line with my internship “job” I had that summer.As we approached my house, she was amazed at all the beautiful old homes in the neighborhood, when we finally arrived, Valerie gasped at where I lived, and said, “Gee, you own this!” I confessed I rented a room. We walked in, and it sounded like no one was home, a usual event for a Sunday. I showed her around the house, mentioned I lived up stairs. The drawing room and formal dining room, in that house was not messed with and I mentioned I had redone the wall paper in those rooms for the owner (a widowed lady in her late 60’s) as the bids for removal and repaper were ridiculously expensive.”So your handy too. My dad calls a plumber for a leaking faucet. Show me your room.” We went up stairs. As I led, Valerie held my hand. I mentioned the other room is bigger and has a person living in it, an officer from the local Air force base.My room was very Spartan. It had one outlet which I expanded to two. I had a table, lamp a bed a dresser and tucked away in the corner was a very expensive window air conditioner. I mentioned I thought the owner knew I had it and only used it at night. It was September and the room was stifling, I forgot to open the window before I left, so I opened the window and Valerie asked, “So why not the dorms, or where I live. My parents walk in closet is bigger than this room.” “$85 a month, this is quiet.” “So, you never go home on weekends and see your Mother or your parents?” That is when I had to tell her the abbreviated version of my life. I mentioned my parents were deceased and since I had no siblings nor did I know of extended family, I pretty much was on my own. I added, “Holidays suck. One Christmas I traveled back to where I grew up as I was invited by the family of my Father’s business partner for Christmas, but I have not heard from them in a couple of years. “There is always several people at Church that know I am pretty much alone so I get invited for a big holiday. I always feel like a third wheel but I get by.” By this time, Valerie, un noticed by me, had taken off those ridiculous pumps with the three inch heels, she walked over to me and gave me a big hug. The feeling that tall, hard body against mine was almost too much, I had to mentally tell myself not to get a hard on. Valerie, at this point, almost did not tower over me (I am 6’4″) she looked into my eyes and started to kiss me. Her lips were soft and warm. She stopped, she pulled her head back and while still holding me with one arm she used the other to wipe a tear that I saw from her eye. She put her head into my shoulder and asked, “So, I take it you don’t have a girlfriend or anything regular?” I omitted my strange friendship with the Head Pastor’s daughter Lisa and said, “No. I just float along.”She took nothing further. I suggested I will walk her back to her car. We still held hands. I felt as giddy as a school boy as Valerie, now walking without the pumps (she slipped into some type of flat shoe she carried in her purse) held hands. We looked at each other and smiled. She stopped to kiss me at one point, as we were waiting for a light to change at an intersection. No tongue. She would hug me, we would kiss and she would lean her head into my shoulder. She put her hand on my heart and said, “Wow, it’s beating real hard.” We returned to her car, I made sure she got going. There were still people milling around the church (it was almost 3 PM). I decided to score another cup of coffee in the Social Hall. I saw Vicki and Lisa (the aforementioned Pastor’s daughter) sitting down at a table together. Vicki was bisexual. She just did not ‘flirt’ with women; she aggressively pursued women. She also aggressively pursued men too. That caused her problems in her marriage years later. She was monogamous to he husband, but still wanted women. Maybe she and her husband agreed to threesomes! “So, that was not very long. Lose you touch?” stated Vicki. Lisa chimed in and said, “Well, going after the new girl? None of us good enough?” It was odd for Lisa, to inquire as she had never asked questions. “She wanted to see my digs, so I showed her. I figured that would scare her off and label me one of the Downtown Losers that really has nothing going for himself.” Lisa chimed in, “No, you are just focused.”The following day, I saw Valerie in the cafeteria. “Hi. Can I sit with you?” As I stood to greet her I said yes. “Wow, so formal, standing twice when I get ready to sit down.” I walked around the table and slid her chair in for her. I did this as much out of instinct, as courtesy. “Tomorrow is our first Volleyball game. Wanna come?” I mentioned I had not seen any volleyball since High School and I would show up. No mention of Monday Night Football; which was O.K., as I saw the line up and was not interested so I was not going to the Student Union to watch.Guys, I soon found out, were missing the best show on campus. Tall athletic girls working up a sweat. They made High School teams look like miss matched socks. All these girls were tall, svelte and they were all very good looking. “That,” I said to myself, “Is where all the good lookers are hiding.” I had several people walk up to me and say hello, including the Athletic Director. I was trying to get a year more of NCAA eligibility to play football, as I could legitimately declare a hardship on my NCAA clock. He once again, regretted not getting the NCAA to agree. Now, it is easy for a student to take a couple of years off and have the clock restart. Sac State lost the match, it was not a route and a nail biter right up to the end of each match. Valerie, saw me sitting on the bleachers (there were not many people at the match so I was not hard to miss), walked up to me and said, “After showers, some of us are going to the Graduate wanna come?” I agreed. I went to The Graduate and found the several tables that were reserved for the Volleyball team. I also found out a lot of the guys on campus were not only missing watching some very beautiful women sweating, they were missing very beautiful women chugging beer and putting down greasy hamburgers like they were going out of style. Even though there were several girls under legal age (I mean drinking), including Valerie (she was 20 years old), everyone was passing around pitchers of beer, drinking right out the pitcher. I abstained, as I am not a beer drinker, I stuck to Iced Tea.The party lasted a couple of hours, as it was breaking up, it was already 8 PM. I could tell Valerie was a little tipsy, so I offered to drive her home. The Graduate and her apartment were well within walking distance, which was the allure of those apartments, The Graduate and Sac State. Valerie agreed to the ride.I found a parking place and was ready to get out of the car and Valerie slid over to where I was sitting put her arms around me and started to kiss me. This time is was not just a long peck on the lips with no tongue. This was a full fledged her tongue in my mouth. As we probed each other with out tongues, feelings started to well within me. Valerie said, “Let’s take this some place a little more private.” We walked up to her apartment and she opened the door and let out a big “Hello!” No response. “I’m home, come out, come out, wherever you are?” Still no response.”Good, I was hoping no one was home, they are out,” mentioned Lisa. “Come in and sit down on the couch.” We both entered I sat on the couch and she straddled my lap and we picked up where the make out session in the car ended. As we kissed, she begun to grind her crotch against mine. The automatic response in my body started and as I was getting harder she started rubbing her crotch against mine. “God that feels nice,” said Valerie bahis siteleri in between moans and deep breaths. I figured she would be spent after a game; add to that the beer, I would have just wanted to go home and crash. Not Valerie! “Wanna get me going, just add a little alcohol. Beer, makes me horny,” she said, in a matter of fact voice. Valerie chimed in further, “Let’s go to my room, we will both be comfortable there.”We both got up, she grabbed my hand and we sprinted to her domain. We lay there, with her on top and dry humped. We made out, I did a lot of “first base stuff” rubbing her over her Sac State Lady Hornet matching gym sweat outfit.Valerie, with one hand unbuckled by belt and started to pull down my pants. I helped a little, but soon she was stroking me as we made out. I started to run my hands first over her crotch and I started moving my fingers into the top of her pants, to which she said, “No, not yet, anyway.” “I want to give you a blow job. First the rules, don’t cum in my mouth,” said Valerie as she was repositioning herself on the bed. She kept on jacking me off as she put that warm mouth around the tip. She stopped and just started sucking. Slow and steady at first as she used her hand to move my dick up and down. Then she stopped the masturbation motion and took all six inches into her mouth. She sucked very softly at first, then became increasingly harder. Unlike most of the college chicks, she just did not put her lips on lightly and act like she was giving head, she sucked and sucked some more. I know I did not last very long as soon, after a couple of minutes of that, I told her she better stop or her cardinal rule would be broke. Valerie stopped sucking and just started to jack me off, I exploded. As I did so, Valerie said, “Wow, you must have shot that first squirt a foot in the air.” Valerie just sat there, looking up at me smiling and playing with my deflating hard on. She walked over to the night stand and grabbed a couple of tissues and wiped me off. “Gee, I hope you liked that!” “Yes, I did, that was beyond wonderful.” “Tell me you loved that!””Gosh yes.””Tell me that you want me to do that again.””Val, I would love you to do that again and again and again.””Good. I want to do more, but tonight is not the night.” As if they were following the directions of a stage manager, we heard the front door open and the laughs and giggles of Valerie’s room mates coming through the door. I very quickly slipped back on my pants, as Valerie wadded up the Kleenex in her hand and opened the bedroom door. “Well, what were you two doing? As if I did not know,” chirped one of the room mates with a smile on her face. “Oh, nothing really bad,” added Valerie. I said hello to the room mates and Valerie walked me to the door. “Don’t leave yet, I want at least a hug and a kiss.” So, in the hall way we embraced and I got another tongue in the mouth experience. I drove home, fell asleep thinking about Valerie. The following day, I did not see her on campus. I dare not go to the Volleyball practice, as that would have looked too desperate. I went about my life.Friday, I was sitting in the quad talking to a couple of ex-team mates and saw Val (I will call her that from now on) walking up to me, as if on a mission. She was dressed in the same matching Pre-game/Post game uniform. She approached me and bent down and gave me a kiss. “We have another match tonight. Home game. I know you want to come see me play. After the game, we are going to Graduate. Maybe we can have some fun later!” I could not refuse an offer like that one.My ex-team mate, Ken said, “Volleyball? You? Where did you meet her?” I told him, “You may not believe it, I met her at Church. Come sometime, there are lots of good looking girls there.” At the match, once again, seeing those tall women, especially Val in those shorts and tank tops just made my mind wander. After the game, we gathered at The Graduate. However, it was Friday so the place was crowded and extremely loud; as I used to call it, “The celebration of the end of puberty.” The party went on for a bit longer with the same results, except for Val, she did not chug the beer like Tuesday. I figured she was getting “buyers remorse” from our Tuesday night episode. I was to soon find out, that was not the case.Things went the same, she walked into the apartment did the hello act. Then said, “Well, they both went home for the weekend. We are all alone. Wanna play?” We did not stop at the couch, we, without saying a word, went directly into the bedroom. Val took off her zip on top, she was wearing just a tee shirt, no bra and took off her sweat/pre game pants before I could even get a word or a kiss in. She opened her dresser and pulled out a couple of candles and lit them. As I stood there, she walked over to the light switch and turned out the lights.”Let’s see,” said Val, “You still have on a shirt, pants, shoes and socks.” Without saying another word, I took off my clothing and the next thing we were in her bed. She was on top. We made out for a while, her breathing becoming as hard as mine. Val stopped moved her self from laying on top of me to taking off her shirt. She had very nice “B” cup breasts with huge nipples. I reached up and massaged them, as she rubbed her crotch against mine, the nipples got stiff.”Want to kiss them?” asked Val. As she said so she laid herself so both were right in my face. I eagerly grabbed one and massaged the other. Val’s breathing became harder and she said, “Oh, God, that feels soooooo good. Suck harder.” As I did she started making a squeaking sound. As I sucked she rubbed her crotch into mine harder matching my sucks with her crotch thrusts. I suggested that we change positions so she, as if by instinct, moved onto her back. I put one arm under her and as I did I reached down, at first on her pants and squeezed and rubbed over her underwear, while alternating between kisses of her lips and sucks of her fabulous nipples.”God, don’t stop,” Val kept on saying.She was wet. So wet she had soaked her underpants. I did not ask, she simply pulled off her pants and said, “You can touch all of me now. Tell me how much you love touching my snatch.” I told her I loved it.I could see, through the candle light she had a huge bush. Her pubic hair felt like fine eider down. As Val moved her knees up and slid her feet almost to her ass, I had an easy time separating her vulva and found her her vaginal opening I started rubbing her flowing juices onto her clit she started moaning with pleasure.”God, don’t stop, don’t stop, Keep on rubbing.” As she said that, she made loud sucking sounds through her teeth. Her hips started moving and she squeezed her knees together, trapping my hand. As I ran my finger in circles around her clit, then after a few rotations of that wonderful “Joy Stick” (as Val called it), I gave her clit a gentle tug with my index finger and my thumb. Val kept on huffing very short, quick breaths, as she exhaled she said, “God.” I really cannot remember how long I was doing that, when I said to her, “I want to make you feel real good.” “Oh, God, how much more can you do? I pulled out my right arm that was under her shoulders and sat up. Val kept on saying, “No, don’t stop. God, tell me you won’t stop!” “I wont stop, but I really want you to feel great. (To myself I was saying I wanted her to cum)”I very quickly repositioned myself in the bed, straddling her wet vaginal area with my head. I pulled her toward the foot of the bed and spread her legs apart. At first, I started kissing her inner thigh, running my tongue up and down, about half way of those hard, athletic legs. As I moved closer to her vagina, I gave the inner thigh a little nibble and moved on to the next leg, running my tongue over, but not in her, yet. Val moaned, not loud, and her breathing had become less quick, even though deep, she had slowed down a little. “I really want to go down on you. Do you want me to? Do you want me to suck your vagina? I want to make you cum in pleasure.” “Oh, gosh, No one has ever done that to me. Never, ever.” With a couple of deep breaths, Val said she was ready.I first just ran my tongue over the area. As I did so I repositioned my arms under her hips to reach up to her breasts. As I probed deeper with my tongue, I gently squeezed both breasts. By this point, Val’s breathing had once again become deeper. She had positioned her legs over my back and her knees were just behind my head. Val had scooted her hips into a position that would better help me to have full access to the entire area. I licked very gently and soon alternated my licking of the area güvenilir bahis in between her clit and vagina and ran my tongue into her vagina opening. Each time I penetrated her opening, Val sucked air into her lungs through her teeth. I stopped, for a brief moment, lifted my head to look into her face and I said, “I want to lick your clit. Do you want that?” “Oh, God, yes. Do it, do it now!”With that I ran at first my tongue around the organ, then I put my lips on her clit and gently sucked. As I did so I tried to match my sucks with squeezes of her hard nipples. “Oh, God, that is soooooo good. God, that feels good. Don’t stop.!” Encouraged by her words, I continued to alternate between very hard sucks of her clit and tongue penetration of her vagina. Time stopped for us as I just enjoyed doing this, and enjoyed taking a brief peak up to see the look of joy on her face.At one point, Val looked down and said, “Mark, I love you. God, you are making love to me.” After a few minutes of this, I was getting the desired result. Val would breath in real deep and sort of blow it out in several spurts. Say “Oh,” with each part of her exhale.”Mark, keep on sucking. suck harder!”I did and with one deep breath, Val said, “God, I’m coming………..ahhhhhhhhhh. I love you. I love you. I love you. .”As Val did she clamped onto my head, thrust up her hips and held, while the ah was coming out. Even after she came, she held onto my head and although I had stopped my sucks and licks (I needed to catch my breath too), her hips went down to the bed. Even as she was rapidly breathing, Val said, “Gee, that was good. I did not know how good that would feel.” Val let go and I slid myself into bed and lay next to her. As we lay side by side, Val reached up and ran her hand through my hair and said, “God, kiss me, I don’t care about my pussy juice, just kiss me!”We kissed, with an occasional tongue thrust on her part for a while. As she basked in the after glow of her orgasm, Val started cramping. “Oh, no…..Charlie Horse, right hamstring.” She turned over and I massaged her hamstring. “Do you know what you need,” I asked. “You need a total body massage. Do you have any lotion or something?” Val mentioned she had some body lotion in her top dresser drawer. I went to the drawer and found the lotion. “Val, I want to make you relax. So lay on your stomach and let me give you what you really need. Call it a post game rub down.” With that, Val rolled over, pulled up her arms and rolled them into a pillow and propped up her head. “Gosh, I’ve never had a post fun massage. I need some time to come back down, so if the massage is as good as what just happened, this should great.”I started on her shoulders. I poured the lotion into my hand to warm it up and I gently rubbed the lotion into her shoulders and neck. It was wonderful, feeling that hard body under my hands. I moved down to her back and as I ran my hands up and down her lats, Val just moaned and said, “God, that feels so good.” I continued to her butt and hips. She bad a bulb butt and it was hard. I moved down to her hamstrings and as I did so Val spread her legs so I could get the insides. Moved down to her calfs and feet, I told Val to turn over. I don’t have a foot fetish, but I did pay special attention to her ankles, arch and toes. As I reached each toe, I put a little lotion on and pulled each toe. She loved that, as she exclaimed that what I was doing felt good. I paid special attention to each leg; placing more lotion on my hands and rubbing the front and back. Val mentioned she was sorry, she had not shaved her legs in a “couple of days.” If that was a couple of days growth, I would have hated to see how her legs felt if she missed a week or two. Then again, it was almost a turn on feeling the stubble on the palms of my hands. I moved to the front of her thighs. Val stopped shaving at about mid thigh. and I could see, through the subdued light the long fine hair. She was the first girl I ever met that had such a crop of hair above her knee. Her leg hair was not dark or thick, just a different feeling. “Guys, or so I have read,” said Val, as I massaged her thigh, “Have such a hang up about body hair. Well, they should try shaving everywhere, every day. Just how do guys do it?” “Well, it takes practice, the trick is knowing what direction the hair grows. I shave every day. I shave with a blade and if I miss a day or two, or go against the grain, a shave is less comfortable.” “So, THAT explains it.” “What do you mean?””I also read that blade shavers pay more attention to details when making love. I want someone to make love to me, not just have sex. With you, I feel like we are making love.” I was speechless, I just leaned up to her face and gave her a kiss. I continued massaging each arm, Paying attention to each one, starting from her hard and well developed Delts, moving to her triceps and in the front to her biceps. Her fore arms were smooth. “Thanks to my Mom and Dad, I have to shave those every day or I’d look like a guy.” I repeated what I did to her hands what I did to her feet. She loved it. With each gentle tug of each finger, she moaned in pleasure. “O.K., done. How do you feel? Relaxed? At that point, we both instinctively looked at the alarm clock next to her bed. It was 2:50 AM. We had been just playing and exploring for hours! Val said, “Wow, we have been at this for four hours! That is some type of record, at least on my part. She leaned up in bed, grabbed the back of my head with one hand, kissed me. When she was done, she said, “Mark, I just love you soooooo much. I do. I do I do.” Val mentioned she had a Saturday practice and the mandatory go support the football team appearance at the home game. I had an install (television antennas my side business). I told her we could meet up at the North Gate at 6 PM, about an hour before kick off. She had to sit with the team, but other team members had boyfriends that were welcome. When we were at the game, I managed to sneak Val and a couple of her team mates onto the field to watch the pre-game stuff. I explained to them some of the drills and this was the “get the butterflies out of the stomach” stretching type of stuff. Since I knew the coaches, I walked around and say hi. My old offensive line coach walked up to me and whispered into my ear, “Wow, three chicks, you got it going.” I confessed the brunette was my target, the other two are hangers-ons. Sac State lost. It was not a route. Maybe the visiting team put in the second and third string at half time. Girls, being girls, all gave each other hugs at the end and as the winds of a storm blowing leaves, they all blew different directions. I asked Val, “Well, what do you want to do now? Dinner? I did not see you eat anything (I offered to get her something all she wanted was Root Beer). “I’m up for dinner.” At that point, Val leaned into me and said, “I love you very much and I know what I want for desert.” “How about Chinese? I know this real “Hole in the Wall” place that serves great food.” “Groovy, but take me home, I need to change, I don’t want to get this outfit messy.”When we arrived at her apartment, the room mates were still not there. Val mentioned they were gone for the weekend. I thought I was not going to take her to dinner, as we no sooner got into the door, then she took me by the hand into the bedroom. Val told me to sit, fortunately there was a chair in front of the study desk. I am sure study desks were seldom used in those apartments. Val had little modesty, as she disrobed right there. Fully naked, she took the few steps toward me, leaned down and kissed me and said, “You know, I sent you off last night and probably left you unsatisfied. I love you, it won’t happen again.” I told her, “Well, you did not see a frown on my face last night or today for that matter.” The best part, as Val walked away, either intentionally, or by accident, dropped the items in her hand. She said, “Oops,” and bent over. She bent down and with one hand was picking up the items, with the other she reached up and grabbed her butt and did the half spread as she was leaning her head around she said, “See anything you want?” “Well, yes, don’t you want dinner? I thought it would be nice to actually go out, be together, break bread and have a real conversation.” Dinner went wonderful. I loved watching her try and use chop sticks for the first time. Land Park was adjacent to the restaurant. We went for a walk in that brisk, Indian Summer evening. We rode on the Merry Go Round and we swung on the swings. We walked back to my car, held hand and she stopped every once in a while, put her arms around me and gave me a kiss. Each time, “I love you” came out of her lips, ever so softly in my ear. What was nice about Val, she was tall, so I did not have to bend down to have her speak into my ear. Part Two to Follow.




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