From the diary of jane.


From the diary of jane.I remember like it was yesterday, I was standing up my legs spread a bit with my back to him. He was holding his dick in his hand and had it press up against my entrance. I could feel the squirts of cum shooting up inside me. That boy never did put his thing all the way in me, but he loved to place his dick at my opening and let his seed fill me up. Sometimes he would slide his prick across my clit as he came, and that felt awesome too. But this particular day, this first time, he made sure to put all he had to offer in me. After he was done, he stood there for a few moments, his cock holding his cum in my cunt, before he backed up, and pulled up his shorts.”I better get out there before your brother wonders what is taking me so long” Steve said.Still dazed at what just happened I simply let out a “uh-huhh” I thumbed to pull up my pants.”Oh, and you probably are going to want to clean that up.” He said as he pointed to a puddle on the floor. Without waiting for a response, he turn around and walked out of the bathroom. I quickly cleaned up the mess, and than went to my bedroom to relax.As soon as I got to my room I removed my pants again and laid down in my bed. canlı bahis Wow! I didn’t realize it would feel like that. I ran my fingers over my pussy. My lips had plumped up, my clit was hard, and my pussy was sopping wet with cum. I rubbed my clit than I moved my fingers down to the opening of my pussy and felt the wetness, and than rubbed my clit with my wet fingers. It all felt amazing and made that good pain came back. It was the same feeling I had only felt with Mr. Jones. I caught myself fantasizing for the first time about him as I played with and explored this new version of me. “I wonder what he would have done if I brushed my hand up against his thing” “I wonder if he was hard” “I bet you he would have enjoyed me kissing on it.” “I wonder if I asked him if he would have shown it to me.” “I wonder if we would have done anything if he didn’t have to move” The more I thought of Mr. Jones, and the more I played with my clit and felt the cum coming from my pussy the better the pain felt. See Mr. Jones was a guy who lived a few streets down from me. A couple friends introduced him to me, and invited me to join while they looked at some pictures. The pictures where of naked women. bahis siteleri We where fascinated. There was one in particular that I remembered were the women used their boobs to twirl tassels (like the ones you get when graduating.) He would comment “one day you will be able to do that to.” While in the group all we looked at was naked women. Eventually I would go to his house by myself, and that is when Mr. Jones began helping me a bit with my sex education.”Have you ever seen a mans penis?””my brother once” I giggled.”did it look like this?” And there on his computer he popped up a picture of a row of naked men with there dicks up and stiff. “no, his was smaller, probably because he is little””Yes, maybe, but older boys, if they like a girl, they will get hard or their dick will grow. A hard dick is a compliment”He than switched to a picture with a lady in the middle of the men. She was holding two of the guys balls. This was when I first started noticing the pain between my legs. It wasn’t the same pain as a cut, but I had no other way to describe it. He than switched to a moving picture with the guys member disappearing into the girls mouth. “Mr Jones, my pee pee, hurts?” Mr. güvenilir bahis Jones responded with a chuckle. “You probably just need to sit down.” He patted his knee, and I sat on it in a straddled type fashion. I watched eagerly as he flipped through pictures. There was another animated one where the mans dick played peek-a-boo between the ladies breasts. I noticed that wiggling on Mr. Jones leg made the pain felt better. He continued to show me pictures, mostly women playing with dicks and such, but he never touched me except to put his hand on my waist as I dry humped his leg (for lack of better wording.) All of the sudden the pain became more, a very good pain, I stopped moving as my clit throbbed, and my heart began to race, and then it was gone, and I no longer needed to wiggle on his leg and I felt very good.I really enjoyed going over and looking at the pictures with him. He would give me advice “Do that well, and you can get any guy you want.” and “Boys will do anything, give you anything if you just play with them.” We probably had 2 or 3 one on one sessions before Mr. Jones told my friends and I that he had to move, everything ended, and I never saw him again.But if it wasn’t for Mr. Jones I would likely have just closed the door when I caught my brothers friend jacking off in our restroom… and As I thought off all that did, and all that could have happened, my pain got released once more.




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