MORE WASHROOM ENCOUNTERS7 X 6 JERK OFF One day in 2009 I went to the washroom I the mall and stand at the 1st urinal in a group of 4. There is nobody else in there. Finally, a guy comes in and he stands at the urinal beside me. I look at him and he looks at me – he’s got a beauty in his hand – it’s an incredible fat uncut piece of meat. I can’t help myself, I reach over and indicate to him that I’d like to jerk him off. He turns towards me and I grab his cock and start “choking his chicken”. Since nobody is in there, I say to him “wow are you a lucky guy”. He says “thanks” and I tell him “your wife is lucky too”. And he says “yeah, she likes to suck on it”. I sort of laugh and say “no doubt she would”. His cock is incredibly lubricated and his foreskin is sliding back and forth over his knob and it’s getting slippery and slippery by the second. So I ask him “you sure have lots of lube” and he says “always, I’m horny all the time”. I ask “how long is it” and he says s inches” and I say “wow, that’s awesome”. “How big around” I ask and he replies “about 6” and I know it’s true as he feels huge in my hand, fuck he is huge, and it feels so good to be jerking his cock and watching his foreskin slide back and forth over his glans. He’s got a big knob too and it’s glistening wet and his foreskin is just oozing lube and pre-cum is leaking from his dick like Niagara Falls. Luckily nobody comes into the washroom and I keep jerking away on his cock and then he starts to gasp and thrust into my hand as I’m jerking back and forth and then he sprays a huge load all over the inside of the urinal and onto my hand, his jism was hot hot hot. Wow, what a fantastic first time experience. I hope I catch him in the mens’ room again.8 X 6 JERK OFF It’s Wednesday Sept 28, 2011, about 2:00 P.M., I am walking in the mall and see a guy hot-footing it towards the washroom. I follow him in and stand at the urinal beside him. Fishing out my pecker, I take a peak and like what I see. He is uncut, his foreskin is pulled back behind the ridge and he is very nicely hung, mmmmm. I peak again and notice that he is looking at my dick too so I then look at his cock quite boldly and say “you’re mighty well set up there”. He chuckles canlı bahis and says “no complaints”. By now we are both stroking our respective dicks and his is getting longer and thicker. I ask “how long does yours get”. He answers “about 8 inches”. “how big around” I ask and he replies “not sure”. I can’t resist and turn towards him and reach out and ask “may I”. He turns in my direction and I wrap my right hand around his dick and start stroking away. His foreskin has rolled back over the tip so I gently pull it back and expose his big knob. My fist doesn’t quite wrap around his shaft, he’s so big and I comment “you have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen – gawd it’s awesome”. He says “thanks – that feels so good”. I forgot to say he has his hand on my cock and is also pumping away on it. He takes his hand off my dick and pulls his nuts out of his pants. Jeez, he has a huge nutsack too, lol. I take my hand off his cock and fondle his nuts and he says “I’m gonna cum if you keep doing that”. “Great” I reply. I go back to stroking his cock, wow it feels so good in my hand. I pump for awhile and reach for his nuts again. They are huge and heavy and hanging low. I say “you must have guys jerking you off all the time” and he says “no complaints” He then starts frigging his cock in earnest as I am fondling his nuts. He says again “that feels so good” and gasps “I’m gonna cum” and he pumps and pumps and cum splashes out of his dick into the urinal. I watch mesmerized by his cum and huge cock. The door opens so I put my boner away, zip up and go to wash up.COWBOY JERK OFF Last week I went to visit my cousin. He lives about 75 miles North of us. My wife can’t stand him so she stayed home. About 15 minutes out I run into a thunderstorm. The lightning is flashing all around, the thunder is loud and close and it is raining so hard the wipers can barely handle the deluge. I see a gas station up ahead. It has a coffee shop so I stop and go in. I am just finishing my coffee when I see a Ford F150 pull into the parking lot. The driver gets out. He’s wearing a stetson hat, white t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. I look at his crotch and thinking it might be worth a gamble, I go to the washroom. There are bahis siteleri 2 urinals. I stand in front of the right hand one. I don’t have to go but I unzip and pull out my pecker and hold it with my right hand. The door opens and I make like I am squeezing and milking the last drops of piss out of my cock. The cowboy stands beside me and I continue to milk my dick and I give it a shake or two and tug on my foreskin and retract it and milk it some more. I can sense that he is looking at what I am doing as he unbuckles his jeans and unzips and pulls out his dick and balls over top of his shorts. A fine fine cock it is too. He too is uncut and with his left hand he pulls back his foreskin and shows off his fat cockhead. He is not pissing either but starts to stroke his cock. His cockhead is slick and wet and his foreskin moves back and forth over his glans. We are both stroking our cocks and he is getting a boner. His cock has already increased its length and girth. It is one fine magnificent beauty. I turn towards him and taking my right hand (I am right handed you see) off my own cock, I reach out towards his cock. He turns and puts it in my hand. I wrap my hand around his cock. It feels wonderful. I start to stroke it, up and down, moving his foreskin up and over his cockhead and back again. He is fully erect and his hips start to move along with my hand movements. His breathing quickens and suddenly he gasps and cums. Wow, that was quick. His jism has spurted into the urinal & all over the palm of my hand and fingers. When he is done squirting, he takes my hand and raises it to his mouth and starts licking it. His tongue gives my hand and fingers a thorough tongue bath. He licks off all his cum and swallows it. Oh my, this is so damm hot! Then he puts his cock back in his jeans, zips up and leaves. What a bummer. I’m left standing there with my pecker at full stand. Oh well, it gives me something to play with when I get back on the road.PISSER PATIENCE PAYS OFF When I went to the library washroom today,it was empty. I stood at the middle urinal and waited…. and waited……and waited.After 3 or 4 minutes, a guy comes in, but he goes to a stall.Finally my patience pays off. The güvenilir bahis next guy that comes in stands to my right. He whips out his cock. It is a fine, fine uncut beauty. And he is not shy about displaying it either. I look over at him. He is a good looking guy, a little older than me, balding, nicely dressed.I look down purposefully and say “Hi, how’s it going?”He looks at me and says “fine, what a gorgeous day it is today”.’Yes, we need more of these” I say.I tug on my foreskin and stretch it out for him to see. Then I retract my foreskin fully so he can see my knob and then pull it back to cover it again. Then I repeat that and give it a shake or two & stroke it back and forth a time or two. His cock is growing longer & fatter and his foreskin is fully retracted. He gives his cock a shake or two and strokes it a bit. I am getting a boner and he is almost fully erect. And what a fine long cock he has. It has grown to almost 7″. Hot dam, I am impressed. It is sticking straight out in front of him pointing into the urinal. I’d luv to give it a tweak but the guy that was in the stall, has left the stall and is at the sinks behind us. bloody hell, it is taking him forever to wash his hands. Then another guy comes in. He goes into a stall. I can hear him pissing. He has left the door open. Finally the hand washer guy leaves and the other guy flushes and goes to the sinks. Chee! He too seems to take a long time washing up. Or is it my imagination that it seems to take forever. Finally, all the guys are gone.I reach over, grab onto this magnificent pecker and give it a couple of squeezes and strokes. It feels hot and hard and bloody wonderful. It’s been too long since I had another guy’s cock in hand. I say “gawd, you have a nice cock”.”Thanks” he says.”I’d like to jerk you off”. He smiles but says nothing.I hear footsteps so I reluctantly take my hand off his pecker, zip up and go to the sinks. I wish we’d had longer. I sure wanted to stand there long enough to jerk him off, but as it is, I must have been in the washroom for 10 minutes. I leave the washroom and wait in the corridor for him. There is nobody around when he comes out and walks towards me. When we are side by side, I reach down and give his cock a quick grope. I ask “Do you have an email address”.He shakes his head. “You’re not on the internet?””No, sorry I’m not” he answers.Dam, he must be the last guy on the planet who doesn’t have a computer.




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