The BOLD Steward – contd…..1


The BOLD Steward – contd…..1In continuation to where i left of last time. ( ) I opened the chain and peeped out it was Bhanu. Me- Are you free now?He- No!!! will be busy for a couple of hours still.Me- WHat you want now?He- My friend also wants to do with you…!!I skipped a heartbeat, thinking this guy must be telling all the staff there.Me- Forget it!!!! I dont want to do anything with him or you. Leave now and dont bother me again.I was a bit scared as in India people are not open to the concept gaysex. Many people would get very angry and cause a scene which is not good. Though if anyone does do gay sex he cannot go about bragging.he- Dont worry he is the only one i told and he only introduced me to sex with guys and girls. He willl give you good fun. Me- Whats his name and what does he do in the hotel. He- His name is Ravi sir and he is the night manager. Me- You told the manager???? Forget it i dont want anything just go!!!He – He is the manager. He aint going to tell anyone else is he. Me – Is he the old guy at the counter with the moustache? Yes he saidHe was a guy of about 50, with white hair and half bald. about 5ft 8 and average build with a slight bulging belly.( Thats how the average indian is, stout, with a bit of belly bulge balding white hair over a tan) SO i thought if this guy is on good terms with the manager then i wouldnt have to worry about any of the guys complaining to the manager, coz the manager himself is going to be having fun with me.It bahis siteleri was about 9 30PM and i asked him what time he would be free. He replied” will take me about 2 hours” as he had some errand for the manager.Ok. send him to me – I said.He went away quickly and i closed the door Took a cpl of deep drags of my smoke to calm my nerves and in less than a minute there was a knock on the door again.I opened with the chain latched and it was the manager. I peeped out and he said” I am Ravi. “Me- are you alone?He- Yes, can i come in ?I opened the chain and let him in. he said he is busy tonite and has to do it fast. I asked him to strip and he was naked in a jiffy. He has a shaved dick about 5″ semi hard. He started feeling me all over my dress and fondling my boobs over the top. He kissed me onm y neck and ears and was squeezing my bums. He then came behind me and held my boobies and was rubbing his dick on my ass.He was hard in a minute and he slid down my hose and panty and bent me over the bed. I was also getting a hard on. ‘Condom?’ he asked. I gave him one and now his dick stood at attention and was about 7.5 ” rock hard.I took some lube from my bag and gave him. He put the lube on my hole and pushed in 2 fingers and fucked me for min. once i was loose and horny enough he sqeezed my boobies again and he said ” janu teri gand bahut mast hai” ( darling you got a lovely ass.) and he put the tip of his dick on my love hole and rubbed it. He held my hip with both hands and i held his dick on my hole and wiggled canlı bahis my ass to give him the go ahead. He pushed in and was halfway in, with his first stroke( thanks to the lube and his finger fuck) . I moaned a bit, my pre cum was starting to drip. He pushed gain and was fully in with is second stroke. He started full length slow strokes for a cpl of minutes. Then he started fucking faster making thup rhup sounds as he rammed his dick deep in me. I was moaning and loving it. After 5 mins or so he took out his dick and lay me on the bed and put my legs on his shoulders. He enetered again a full stroke and held both my hands and started pumping fast full strokes. I was dripping pre cumm and then he let go my hands, held my ankles and let go at full steam. He had his eyes closed and was pumping. He let go my ankles and then lay on the bed and said ” Janu mere lund pe baith ja”( darling sit on my dick)I took off my top and only in bra. i adjusted my pads with had taken a good shaking with his humping. I sat on his dick which was pointing to the roof. I was jumping on his hard on and he held my boobs and said’ kya sexy lag rahi hai jaan’ and i pumped his dick faster. His appreciation made me feel more horny and i was on full steam, moaning quite a bit as his dick was balls deep in me. After a cpl of minutes he squeezed my boobs and pulled my down on his dick. His dick swelled, he froze, closed his eyes and groaned as he filled the rubber with his cum.I sat on his dick till it stopped pulsing and then as we both got güvenilir bahis relaxed, he saw my hard which was about to burst. He held my dick and suddenly his mobile started to ring. He jumped off the bed nad checked it was the hotel number. ” Crap, i have to back to the desk “he said. he started to dress up which was as fast as he had undressed. I was stroking my dick lying on the bed. ” don’t worry, i will come back and wish you good morning. But i have to go now”He kissed me on the cheek and left. Nothing much was said between us but i was feeling a bit satisfied but not fully. I lit a smoke and was stroking my dick when my room phone rang. It was Bhanu.He- Did you have a good time? I saw ravi sir come back to the office.Me- Yes it was good but he left in hurry.He- Yes it was the owner who was passing through and wanted to talk to him.Me – Oh OK, when will you be free. He- In an hour at least. Me- Ok. Call me before you come to my room.He- Ok baby.I finished my smoke and didnt shag off as i would be in for another round after some time. I finished my smoke and dozed off while watching the TV.The phone rang aroung 11 15PM i woke up form my sleep and was awake fully in a few seconds as i knew who it was.I answered and it was Bhanu. ” I will be coming in 5 mins. OK? “I just thought of playinh with him a bit. ” I want to to see you walking naked down the hall when you come to my room, can you? “”yes baby, i will. open the door and wait for me.”” wear only your bra, top and panty. when i come””Sure ” i said.I adjusted my pads in the bra, wore the top and tucked my dick in and adjuted my panty. I peeped through the glass and after a cpl of minuted i saw him at the end of the hall. I lit a smoke Will let you know more in next episode. Love all




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